That’s right, I said it: Public sector enterprise resource planning is cool. But, don’t just take my word for it, ask my wife. Fifteen years ago, hearing me talk about how an accounting module processed debits and credits would help her fall sleep. Today, however, the power to transform ERP user experiences coupled with technologies like advanced analytics and robotic process automation has us both wide awake with enthusiasm. I deem this paradigm shift in the enterprise applications evolution as the “Era of Cool.”  

Not sold yet? Let’s dive deeper.

The public sector user experience (UX) revolution

The focus of public sector ERP has changed dramatically, moving from transactional processing toward delivering a transformed user experience aligned to the end user’s mental model using solutions that are simple, smart and intuitive. At the same time, governments also seek to achieve a more unified ERP solution that provides fully auditable, holistic and seamless engagements across the enterprise. Ultimately, enabling an elegant user experience is key to becoming a digital organization to meet citizen expectations, which continues as a top priority for state and local executives according to CGI’s Client Global Insights interviews

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A system of engagement

Another cool factor is that enterprise applications are evolving from a system-of-record to a system-of-engagement. Solutions now combine the power of processing massive amounts of information into essential reporting features with embedded analytics that facilitate better and timely decision making. The true power though is in how public sector decision makers use that information. For example, a NASCIO study indicates that 54% of state CIOs think that data-driven policy making is the biggest opportunity for leveraging analytics.

Time to get more engaged!

Automate instead of rinse, repeat

Historically, robotics process automation (RPA) of public sector enterprise application business processes has been unlikely for most organizations. Shifting to the present day, however, automation has leap-frogged from being a distant dream to reality. Automating high-volume and repetitive tasks with a virtual workforce has proven to increase productivity, enhance quality and decrease costs. The public sector ERP use cases for RPA are endless, from identifying source grant funding to employee on-boarding activities. In our latest CGI Client Global Insights report, 91% of respondents noted they are executing or developing digital transformation strategies for their organization to automate and/or transform the user experience.

Work strategically smarter and not tactically harder!

Citizens and workforce are mandating transformation

Ultimately, it all comes down to uniting people by using technology to better serve citizens and employees. Focusing on people – leveraging a human-centered design approach – enables a vision for solving human problems with transformational technologies. 

Demonstrate empathy by understanding the human problem first!

The ongoing technology evolution that has brought us to the present public sector ERP “Era of Cool” truly is exciting. Collectively and collaboratively, we can keep bringing the coolness factor to ERP.

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