Rapidly embraced by the insurance industry, CollaborativeEdge is growing at the rate of 20 - 40 new users each week.

What does CollaborativeEdge do?

Over 5,100 users are taking advantage of CollaborativeEdge to streamline their data capture activities. CollaborativeEdge interfaces between agency management systems and carriers' policy administration systems, as well as with industry databases, to exchange underwriting, billing, and claims data. CollaborativeEdge can serve as the front end to any transaction processing system - a CGI solution, a carrier's in-house system, or another vendor's system. CGI continues to add functionality to address the individual needs of clients, and CGI can easily tailor CollaborativeEdge to accommodate additional states or lines of business.

How does CollaborativeEdge work?

CollaborativeEdge uses a browser-based front end to gather data and to upload and download transactions to agency locations or a carrier's policy processing system. Proven Internet technology provides a common interface, accessible by almost any desktop computer. It has features that help streamline every step of the data capture and information retrieval process, including:

  • Open architecture for flexibility, scalability and performance
  • Support for multiple network environments
  • Seamless integration of information from multiple sources
  • Support for industry standards in security, transaction processing, and network connectivity

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