A powerful actuarial toolset for experimentation, simulation, analysis and promotion

To grow and remain competitive, insurers need to quickly bring innovative products to market while continuously modifying existing products to maximize underwriting profitability and capture new segments. Ratabase Actuarial enables efficiency, pricing confidence, and accuracy in the product innovation life cycle. As part of Ratabase360, we deliver Ratabase Actuarial as a prebuilt SaaS offering that enables you to:

  • Connect external data sources through API's and incorporate the data in the simulation run
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of integration
  • Enable platform scalability
  • Access unlimited dimension models and simulations


Enhances collaboration through dynamic reporting and visualization, which drives discussion and decision—making across critical stakeholders —actuarial, marketing, product management, finance and enterprise risk management.


Simplifies book of business ingestion by accepting a wide range of formats and sources, including CSV, JSON, Native DB sources, data warehouses and third-party data. Ensures data quality and enables machine learning capability for data ingestion and simulation runs.


Prepare simulations with prebuilt API access to Ratabase tables, allowing data and model provenance. Create simulation runtime environments dynamically in real-time.


Gain vital business insights by selecting the ideal output format and integrating it with any visualization tool or native Ratabase Actuarial visualization.


Seamlessly deploy final rates back to production or any staging environment and easily export for filing and reporting.


Store full detail of simulation runs, including policy data processed, rating factors used and final premiums. Enables line of business reporting on batch rerating, including summarized stats with dashboard views.

Accelerate the product innovation cycle

Quickly deploy market differentiating pricing features and integrate with emerging InsurTech data sources, dramatically improving new business acquisition and quality of risk.

Increase pricing accuracy

Increase accuracy of pricing features through simulation and testing processes, reducing volatility, thus increasing policyholder retention.

Support actuarial confidence

Improve decision-making by ensuring data quality, visually comparing two rate plans and verifying expected outcomes and improving combined ratios over time. What is modeled and tested is easily deployed.

Improve efficiency

Capitalize on market opportunities by accelerating the pricing process with empowered business users performing simulation and testing with real-time results.


Tablet displaying data