Property and casualty (P&C)

Driving efficiencies, cost savings and revenue

The property and casualty (P&C) insurance sector is facing some of the most significant challenges in its history, including the increasing frequency of natural disasters, stringent regulation, changing demographics and customer expectations, industry consolidation and new entrants, and expensive legacy systems, to name a few. But these challenges are also opportunities and, in the midst of them, insurance carriers are accessing CGI's global P&C insurance services and solutions to achieve the following:

  • Transform and modernize core insurance system environments through full IT outsourcing, infrastructure and cloud services, package implementation and integration, and re-platforming solutions
  • Insurance information services and offerings, including regulatory statistical reporting and risk information solutions
  • Cyber risk assessment and remediation services to support carriers in the rising cyber insurance line of business
  • Advanced pricing and rating capabilities from the industry’s leading standalone rating solution, Ratabase®
  • Thought leadership, consulting and solutions that help insurers position themselves at the center of the Internet of Everything and take full advantage of the opportunities that come with it, including social, mobile, big data and analytics
  • Management and IT consulting services to map out and successfully execute business strategies

CGI has been deeply entrenched in the global P&C industry for more than 25 years, working extensively on both the business and technology sides. Our experts have the credentials, experience and know-how to work across the entire P&C insurance value chain, as well as a track record of on time, on budget delivery, leveraging CGI's best-in-class Management Foundation.

P&C insurance services and solutions

CGI offers comprehensive P&C services and solutions to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and drive revenue.

Note: The primary locations for the following offerings are noted within each description. If you have a business need for one of these offerings in a location not noted, please contact us so that we can adapt the service and solution for your location and needs.

  • Infrastructure, cloud and application management services: CGI is a leader in the delivery of flexible services and solutions that help P&C carriers effectively implement their technology transformation strategies. We host the infrastructures and manage the core applications for major P&C carriers globally.
  • Management and technology advisory and delivery services: CGI offers a full range of management consulting and technology services, including the following: operational strategy development; regulatory compliance consulting and solutions; software package selection, implementation and integration; complex program, change and project management; custom application development and application management services; and advanced automated testing solutions.
  • Internet solutions: CGI leverages the latest technologies to create Web and mobile applications that connect you with your customers across the insurance value chain.
  • Cyber insurance services: Our cyber risk team works with insurers to enhance their cyber insurance products by helping them assess their policyholders’ cyber risks and support them in the event of a claim, anywhere in the world.
  • Regulatory and statistical reporting (U.S.): CGI's STATS system is capable of handling all facets of your reporting needs, keeping you compliant with both statistical and state regulatory requirements while receiving proven, comprehensive and cost-effective reporting services that are seamless, timely and accurate.
  • Insurance information services ((IIS) (Canada): CGI’s IIS portfolio delivers a wide range of services to Canadian clients, including auto risk, property risk and analytics services, as well as gateway services for government bodies. Learn more about IIS. (To make an access request for your insurance-related personal information, visit the IIS Consumer Report page.)
  • Insurance document management services (U.S.): CGI's iDMS optimizes your printing and document environment, significantly reducing costs, improving business performance and managing risk.
  • Checkpoint (U.S.): CGI's Checkpoint offers complete pre-insurance inspection and physical damage inspection services, all with high-speed access capabilities, which subsequently reduce costs, improve customer service, streamline operations and maintain a competitive advantage.
  • Enterprise content management (U.S.): CGI's ECM solutions integrate and streamline processes to make pertinent data more accessible across the enterprise. The results include improved performance, intelligent decisions, greater productivity and reduced risk.
  • Ratabase®: Ratabase is a comprehensive suite of powerful and flexible productivity tools that transform your rating capability into an extensible strategic asset by externalizing the complex business logic associated with rating, automated underwriting, rate modeling and enterprise incentive management.