Access to comprehensive property and claims data

When it comes to insuring personal property, you need access to all of the principal data required to effectively underwrite a habitation risk. CGI provides access to that data through the following suite of personal property services and solutions:

HITS: Online access to personal property claims data

CGI’s Habitational Insurance Tracking System (HITS) provides insurers with online access to personal property claims data in Canada, including Quebec, making it the most comprehensive source of personal property claims information available today. When used in conjunction with other tools in CGI's personal property toolbox, HITS provides key information necessary for improved decision-making in your personal property underwriting and claims adjustment processes. Even when no claims information is available for the insured or the property, HITS can help underwriters assess a particular risk by providing a “Geo Profile,” which counts claims for the last five years.

Insurers can access HITS through the Internet, Web services, or batch technology, depending on their business requirements.

CTS: Commercial Tracking System (for commercial property claims)

CGI’s Commercial Tracking System (CTS) provides insurers with online access to commercial property and farm claims information. Clients can use CTS to track loss information for commercial risks across Canada.