Comprehensive data and risk management services

CGI's Insurance Information Services (IIS) provide clients with comprehensive data and risk management services to improve their efficiencies, analytics, decision-making, customer experience and profitability. Available through a variety of delivery channels, our IIS offerings are updated daily and subject to rigorous quality controls and processes. We actively work with the Canadian P&C insurance industry to ensure IIS continually meets the evolving needs of our clients.

Business opportunities

CGI’s IIS portal has more than 17,000 registered users, and our solutions and services are used by virtually every stakeholder in the private sector P&C industry in Canada, including 1,800 brokerages and more than 100 P&C insurers across Canada.

Through this portal, you can deliver customized messages to your targeted audiences, including customers and partners. Please contact if you wish to explore the potential of using IIS as a messaging platform.

Partner with IIS

CGI continuously seeks out alliances and partnerships that will add value to our IIS offerings and clients. Below is a current list of our partners: