The right information at the right time

When it comes to insuring personal automobiles, you need the right information at the right time. CGI’s suite of auto risk services provides clients with convenient and timely online access to claims, policy and driver performance information.

These services are part of CGI’s Insurance Information Services (IIS), Canada’s largest database of automobile policy and claims information.

Our comprehensive portfolio of auto risk services includes the following:

AutoPlus: Detailed automobile claims and policy history

With only a driver’s licence or policy number, CGI's AutoPlus provides insurers and brokers with access to detailed and up-to-date claims and policy information for all aspects of insurance operations such as new business, renewals, claims adjudication, and fraud investigation. This service is digital ready, and clients can access it easily through the Internet, mobile or web services.

Motor Vehicle Records (MVR): Three-year driving records

CGI's Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) is the gateway solution for record standardization for the insurance industry and the various transportation ministries across Canada. CGI is the leading supplier of MVRs to the Canadian P&C industry. MVR also is used for non-insurance purposes such as legal proceedings, employment screenings, life insurance underwriting, and financial and vehicle debt collection.

Driver Performance Record (DPR): One-year driving records

Our Driver Performance Record (DPR) solution provides a cost-effective report that evaluates Ontario drivers’ risks upon renewal, while supporting the Ministry’s mandate to ensure safer roads. DPR offers a one-year snapshot of the same data elements as the traditional three-year MVR report. This solution is available for automobile policy renewals only in Ontario. It delivers excellent value when compared to traditional renewal MVR programs.

VINClaims Gold: Online access to vehicle claims and policy history 

CGI’s VINClaims Gold benefits claims personnel, as well as underwriters, enabling "used" vehicles to be checked before they are added to an existing policy. With VINClaims Gold, the claims and policy history is analyzed by a vehicle identification number (VIN), which follows the lifetime of the vehicle, regardless of the owner or insurer. This helps to minimize fraudulent activities related to false claims and unreliable policy histories.

FleetPlus: Historical commercial policy and claims information

CGI’s FleetPlus improves the risk information collection process for underwriting and renewing commercial fleets. FleetPlus conveniently provides clients with historical commercial policy and claims information. These reports also are beneficial to clients because they reduce tedious time spent on commercial underwriting.