The right information at the right time

When it comes to insuring personal automobiles, you need the right information at the right time. CGI’s suite of auto risk services provides clients with convenient and timely online access to claims, policy and driver performance information.

These services are part of CGI’s Insurance Information Services (IIS), Canada’s largest database of automobile policy and claims information, containing 60 million policy records and more than 40 million claims spanning more than 25 years.

Our comprehensive portfolio of auto risk services includes the following:

AutoPlus: Detailed automobile claims and policy history

With only a driver’s license or policy number, CGI's AutoPlus provides insurers with access to detailed and up-to-date claims and policy information for new business and renewals. This service can be quickly and easily accessed using the Internet, Web services, APIs, or a host-to-host connection—the choice is yours.

Motor Vehicle Records (MVR): Three-year driving records

CGI's Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) solution is the gateway for the insurance industry to government driving records. CGI processes nearly five million MVRs annually, making us by far the leading supplier of MVRs to the Canadian P&C industry.

Driver Performance Record (DPR): One-year driving records

Our Driver Performance Record (DPR) solution provides a cost-effective report for evaluating Ontario risks upon renewal. It offers a one-year snapshot that contains the same categories of information as the traditional three-year MVR report. It is particularly useful for renewals following a claim, renewals following a prior MVR review or upon adoption of a portfolio of business. Pricing for this service depends upon the information contained in the DPR. The cost is nominal if the record is clean. With increased focus on aggressive portfolio and renewal underwriting, this service delivers excellent value when compared to traditional renewal MVR programs. 

Police Reports Ordering System (PROS): Online retrieval of accident/occurrence reports from various police services

CGI's Police Report Ordering System (PROS) is an investigation tool that streamlines the process of requesting police reports for faster claims resolution, which helps to significantly reduce settlement costs. Traditionally, obtaining a police report required mailing a request along with a prepaid voucher or check to the police department.

CGI has eliminated this requirement by acting as a distributor of these reports to the insurance industry. PROS is a unique automated service that allows clients to order Police Accident and Occurrence Reports from their in-house terminal via Rapidnet or through the Internet via RapidWeb. Rather than having to send checks or pre-paid vouchers to the various police services, clients receive one monthly invoice for all reports they ordered from CGI.

VIN Claims Gold: Online access to vehicle claims and policy history 

CGI's VIN Claims Gold was developed in conjunction with special investigative unit (SIU) staff from major insurers and the investigative services division of the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC). This service benefits claims personnel, as well as underwriters, enabling "used" vehicles to be checked before they are added to an existing policy. The risk of fraud is minimized because claims and policy history can be analyzed by a vehicle identification number (VIN) over the lifetime of the vehicle, regardless of owner or insurer.

FleetPlus: Historical commercial policy and claims information

CGI’s FleetPlus solution significantly improves the risk information collection process for underwriting and renewing commercial fleets. This report provides historical commercial policy and claims information contained in IIS databases within seconds.