Maximizing assets, output and profit

Technology advances are helping upstream leaders address a wide range of challenges, including fluctuating supply and demand, aging assets, a shortage of skilled workers, increased regulation, safety and security risks, environmental protection and more. At the same time, new and evolving technologies, including smart, digital, big data, mobile, cloud and others are creating greater opportunities to explore and exploit new reserves, compete for existing reserves, boost productivity and reduce costs.

CGI has developed a large portfolio of technology services and solutions that are driving improvements across the entire upstream exploration and production life cycle. We partner with upstream clients around the world to maximize their assets, output and profit through a combination of deep technology and upstream business expertise.

What we offer

CGI’s portfolio of upstream services and solutions covers the following critical business areas:

  • Capital projects and field development
  • Drilling and well management
  • Operations (asset and workforce management, accounting, reporting, etc.)
  • Reservoir and production management
  • Joint venture management

Within each area, we provide supporting IT services, including business consulting, systems integration services, business process services and IT outsourcing services. The applications we offer include our own intellectual property, as well as innovative solutions from our alliances with world-leading vendors. Our upstream experts understand the requirements, functions and challenges of each area and recommend the best technology solutions to drive transformation.

The value we deliver

CGI’s work with upstream clients across the globe delivers the following competitive advantages:

  • Reduced exploration costs and time-to-first-oil using sophisticated data modeling and visualization
  • Optimized production using real-time production data to enable faster, better decision making
  • Streamlined, automated and integrated business processes
  • Implementation of smart and other profit-driving technologies
  • System and data integration, creating a single view of operations and information
  • Increased flexibility and agility in responding to market changes
  • Greater compliance with safety, environmental and security regulations

Why CGI?

CGI’s decades of global upstream experience, large pool of upstream experts, and end-to-end upstream services and solutions provide everything that’s needed to transform upstream operations and drive profitable growth. We have an extensive track record of success in working with international upstream companies around the world and have formed many long-term partnerships, demonstrating our ability to consistently deliver results.

Highlights of our work and capabilities include the following:

  • We provide support for more than 1,000 upstream exploration and production applications for global oil and gas companies.
  • 95% of UK oil and gas offshore personnel movements are tracked by CGI’s VantagePoB solution.
  • CGI’s AgileEnergy360 solution strategically integrates BPO and ITO services to improve business outcomes with scalable, industry-specific capabilities enabling lower, more predictable costs.  
  • Our Exploration2Revenue (X2R) Business Suite delivers robust solutions for joint venture, land and production management using mobile, digital and cloud technologies.
  • We are a cloud services provider for 30 upstream operators, managing more than 700 joint ventures.
  • Our help desk for Statoil supports more than 21,000 users onshore and offshore with high levels of customer satisfaction.