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All Payments Solution

CGI’s All Payments solution is used by banks across the globe and supported by end-to-end project management, software integration and tailored product support packages

Application Portfolio Management Framework (APMF)

APMF makes it easier for you to achieve your business goals, helping you to improve application quality and performance,cut the costs of managing and maintaining your applications and to pursue new business opportunities with a flexible portfolio.

CGI Aromi

Aromi is an intelligent solution that uses real-time data to optimise food service processes, reducing costs, improving the diner experience and benefitting the environment.

CGI Atlas360

Through this global, multi-lingual solution, CGI helps clients outsource their customer relationship processes to enhance the customer experience, increase efficiencies and cost-effectiveness, and improve time to market.

CGI CarnotSat

The CGI CarnotSat toolset allows satellite and network operators to evaluate and design hybrid networks, optimising for cost and performance against emerging use cases.

CGI GeoApp

CGI GeoApp delivers all of the essential tools an organisation needs to successfully take advantage of location based data and intelligence.

CGI GeoData360

CGI GeoData360 is designed for long running, large scale production pipelines as a Platform-as-a-Service. It supports deep customisation and extension, enabling production workflows that consume EO and Geo data (to produce valuable business information) to run cost efficiently at scale.

CGI HotScan Intelligent Self Learning

CGI’s HotScan Intelligent Self Learning (ISL) sanctions screening solution provides a centralised, highly scalable and robust infrastructure that automates transaction filtering and customer scanning in real time with industry-leading accuracy.

CGI Insurer Hub - turning risk in to reward

Effective Insurer Hosted Pricing is a single solution that keeps costs down, prevents products losing value and speeds up implementation.

CGI Intelligent Maintenance of Electric Lines (MILES)

Combining advanced analytics and grid monitoring to detect, locate and identify the root cause of power outages before they occur, CGI MILES allows utilities to improve reliability performance by targeting the minority of feeders responsible for the majority of outages.

CGI OpenGrid 360

CGI OpenGrid360 is an innovative suite of solutions and services designed to help water network operators accelerate their innovation by unlocking the value of data.

CGI OpenGrid Foundation Integrated Network Model (INM)

CGI’s Integrated Network Model (INM) draws data from existing operational systems to create a single view of the electricity network.

CGI OpenLand360

CGI OpenLand360 solves the problem of increasingly complex equipment that is fitted to defence vehicles. Based on open standards, it simplifies the user interface, maximises the information value and facilities rapid replacement and addition of equipment.

CGI OpenSea360 mission system

CGI OpenSea360 is the maritime mission system for sub-24m high-speed craft, proven to enable crews to react faster to changing circumstances in challenging conditions.

CGI Text Analytics Services

Text analysis and insight service utilising AI to inform customer experience, communications, service delivery strategies and more. Uses data-based insights to drive decision making.

CGI Unify360

CGI Unify360 provides the unified IT platform, consulting services, frameworks and practices needed to understand an organisation’s entire IT portfolio, create cohesive strategies that align IT to business objectives, and maximise IT investments as a result.

Collections and Recoveries - CGI Collections360®

CGI Collections and Recoveries brings together a world-class solution suite, Collections360, consulting expertise and secure hosting capability to deliver a managed services approach that enables organisations to focus on core business.

Digital and mobile banking

Using data insight to inform the next generation of banking


DPlan, from our partners AmberTREE, is a next generation network planning tool proven to model innovative smart grids techniques on a number of Network Innovation Competition (NIC) and Network Innovation...

Employee productivity - Microsoft 365 Manage & Migration Service

Our Microsoft 365 Manage & Migration Service can transform your organisation.