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Financial institutions around the world must manage rising payment volumes, increasing customer expectations, and more stringent regulations. At the same time, they need to mitigate risks and reduce costs while fulfilling growth objectives.

Payment transformation allows banks to move toward their goals at a pace that is right for them, while providing true business agility and making payment services more customer centric. This is essential for responding to market drivers such as global, real-time initiatives, mobile payments and data analytics.

Key benefits include the following:

  • Cost savings from consolidating operations and payments processing, replacing inefficient legacy systems and reducing manual processing/improving STP
  • Ability to quickly bring new products to market and be better positioned to enter new territories
  • More efficient compliance management
  • Faster response to unplanned changes
  • Vastly reduced operational risks

Improving your customers’ experience involves providing more flexible and value-added payment services in response to their increasing demands for immediacy and innovation. And, this depends on your ability to handle all payment types, to scale up, to offer a truly unified global service tailored to local variations and, most importantly, to differentiate service levels for each customer.

All Payments competitive advantages

CGI’s All Payments solution is used by banks across the globe and supported by end-to-end project management, software integration and tailored product support packages. It was developed to serve as a modern, integrated and flexible payment services hub and provides the following:

  • Support for the full spectrum of payment services, from mass payments to high care
  • Support for existing and future payment types, from domestic to international, wholesale to retail, and standard to urgent
  • Underlying technical architectures tuned to achieve the levels of performance and flexibility required by each payment type
  • Multi-entity and workload management capabilities for complex organizational structures
  • High scalability and the ability to run separate services concurrently without performance degradation
  • Flexibility to respond to current market drivers with real-time payments and other required services supported by best-fit technology
  • High configurability to achieve high levels of responsiveness, autonomy and reliability; the modular structure of our All Payments solution allows clients to drive ROI from each step of the payments transformation

CGI’s All Payments solution is based on expertise acquired by decades of experience in payments leadership, long-term client relationships and mission-critical software solutions. CGI has a proven track record of technical excellence and delivering comprehensive and reliable solutions based on open, scalable and robust technology standards. Our true partnership philosophy delivers the best overall solution and helps our clients achieve real cost efficiencies.