CGI’s IHP360 platform can deliver the ambitions you have both in the present and in the future for Insurer Hosted Pricing. We can meet both the business and functional requirements but also work in partnership with you and your key partners to deliver a programme and service of this size and criticality.

We also recognise the need for clarity when del ivering solutions like IHP360. With this in mind, please see below for the specific details of functionality that is delivered as part of the core IHP360 solution, as well as optional services that can be delivered for additional cost .

What's in the box?

CGI’s IHP360 platform can deliver the ambitions you
Functional Area Deliverables Included in IHP360
Market Adaptors Integration with agreed software houses / channels to market
Enrichment Data Integration with agreed data enrichment providers
Caching Ensures high performance of IHP environment
Delivered to allow caching of:
Data enrichment calls
Quote manipulation data footprint
Rating & Pricing Hub Integration with Polaris WSRTE
Price variance factors
Quote manipulation factors
Renewal cap and collar factor
Risk Qualification
Fraud & Market Validation Hub Enrichment data via sources identified above
Real-time quote manipulation detection through cache
Product Manager Toolset Polaris Management:
Manage and add Polaris Dictionaries
Load scheme files
Manage testing and deployment of products
Manage availability of products to brokers
Manage which enrichment factors a product will use
Apply pricing adjustments without updating a product

Channel Management:
Expose products to certain brokers or groups of brokers
Apply pricing adjustments to certain brokers or groups of brokers without updating a product

Testing Management:
Test pack upload
Test case manager
Perform batch test
Perform single case test
Results compared to expected results automatically
Comparison display variance amount and location

Deployment Management:
Move product from pre-production to production
Channel selection
Enrichment selection
Date / Time availability
Champion / Challenger support
Single or multiple sign off required for product go-live

Governance Management:
Per line of business – e.g. Private Car / Commercial Van
Single or Dual signoff support
Milestone driven governance to match insurer processes
Testing passed sign off
Approval for move to production sign off
Pricing manager approval for promotion to live

Full change audit of ANY change made within the product manager toolset

Insurer Data Store Big Data via Data Lake:
Storage of every quote in its entirety
Storage of supporting ABI tables
Full data set provided for insurer analysis
Single customer view support
Hourly move of data from cache to data lake

Data Warehouse:
Long term storage of aggregated data such as single customer view. Track metrics across all lines of business
Price performance monitoring

Analysis Tools:
Data analytics performed in multiple forms including Excel (Or Power BI Designer) to create compelling reports, data models and visualisations which can then be published to Power BI websites and shared