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CGI AgileEnergy360

U.S. exploration and production companies are focusing their IT priorities on becoming more agile and reducing the cost of operations to invest in change. CGI AgileEnergy360 strategically integrates BPO and ITO services to increase agility and savings.

CGI Unify360
CGI Unify360 provides the unified IT platform, consulting services, frameworks and practices needed to understand an organization’s entire IT portfolio, create cohesive strategies that align IT to business objectives, and maximize IT investments as a result.
Enterprise and financial management systems (enVision)
enVision is a fully integrated and scalable modular financial management system built specifically for Canadian oil and gas companies.
Exploration2Revenue (X2R) Business Suite
CGI’s Exploration2Revenue™ (X2R) Business Suite is an integrated portfolio of solutions and services designed for managing the oil and gas upstream back office for North American operators with greater agility, insight and cost efficiency.

CGI’s LANDMan is a comprehensive suite of land and asset management solutions built specifically to manage Canadian oil and gas surface and mineral assets.

License2Share (L2S) is an enterprise content management (ECM) solution specifically created for joint venture management within the upstream and midstream oil and gas sectors.
Oil & Gas - CGI Map
CGI Map is an easy-to-use tool that brings geographic, land, well and other information to U.S. oil and gas companies users’ desktops.
CGI’s PetroComp™ provides accounting, land and production solutions to help U.S. upstream producers drive efficiencies, productivity gains and cost savings across their operations.
PetroComp Accounting
CGI’s PetroComp Accounting is an easy-to-use oil and gas accounting system designed for the U.S. oil and gas industry.
PetroComp Land
PetroComp Land is a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use system for managing U.S. oil and gas leases and other fee properties.
CGI’s PRODIS provides commercial management solutions that cover the entire oil and gas supply chain—from production and transportation, to distribution and sale.
Production Accounting Solution (PAS)
CGI's Production Accounting Solution (PAS) optimizes the entire production accounting life cycle for both small and large Canadian upstream businesses.
Production management
These applications provide both field and corporate staff members with intuitive tools to perform effective volumetric reporting for the Canadian oil and gas industry.
Production Volume Reporting (PVR)
CGI’s Production Volume Reporting (PVR) solution offers upstream companies an effective means of collecting, compiling and reporting field data.
ProSteward OnlineAn online chemical hazard document and data management system that enables organization to effectively meet their compliance responsibilities.
ProSteward360CGI’s leading solution for industrial organizations that streamlines processes and systems for global hazardous materials compliance.
Royalty Management System (RMS)
For the Canada oil and gas industry, CGI offers innovative royalty management software and consulting services that meet complex regulatory reporting requirements and crown invoice obligations.
Strata Enterprise
This business rules engine is used by organizations worldwide to implement business rules and evaluate and measure customer treatment strategies.

CGI's WM-card is an industry-leading fuel card payment system covering all major card payment functions, including issuing, acquiring, interchange, authorization, settlement, invoice/accounting, disputes/chargebacks and collections.

X2R FAS for Financial Accounting
X2R FAS is an integrated suite of integrated suite of accounting modules for North American operators that provide effective tools for accountants to administer oil and gas financial and operations data, as well as joint venture accounting of oil and gas and trust organizations.
X2R HCA for Hydrocarbon Accounting
CGI’s innovative X2R HCA application uses advanced technology to give North American oil and gas operators the visibility they need for profitability, forecasting, simulation and production optimization.
X2R LAND for Land and Asset Management
CGI’s innovative X2R LAND system allows oil and gas companies to manage and report on their lands in both the U.S. and Canada.
X2R MDC for Mobile Data Capture
CGI’s X2R Mobile Data Capture (MDC) solution gives North American oil and gas field operators the ability to electronically capture and verify facility data in the field.