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CGI PetroComp Land is a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use system for managing your oil and gas leases and other fee properties. Designed to accommodate the small to mid-sized organization, the system tracks all lease-related information, including rental payments, shut-in status and obligations. You can maintain extensive information for prospects, leases, tracts, contracts and properties.

With PetroComp Land, you can gain efficiencies through the integration of your accounting, land and production processes. You can also access a comprehensive library of tools that will increase productivity, decrease land management costs and provide quick answers to complex land management issues.

CGI’s PetroComp Land solution is fully integrated with the Microsoft Business Solutions Solomon IV financial system to provide a total enterprise solution that can be scaled to meet your specific business and technology requirements.

CGI PetroComp Land features

CGI PetroComp Land offers a wealth of features to improve your accounting, land and production management, including the following:

  • Allows for freeform remarks, multiple tracts per lease with multiple depths, obligations by tract, multiple counties, map references, partners and payees information, as well as payment and billing history by lease/tract
  • Provides complete automatic payment capabilities
  • Includes rental notification, reports, rental calendars and budgets, inquiry letters, checks, check registers and 1099s
  • Allows tracking of all lease-related documents and associated obligations through a comprehensive contract module
  • Includes copy and paste functions to move information to or from a word processing document, Excel spreadsheets or an Access database
  • Includes lease data sheet, acreage inventory, lease list and summary, reference map, producing acreage summary, expiring leases, obligation schedule, payment projection, relinquished leases and contract summary reports
  • Integrates with CGI Map™, giving users the ability to display and/or print maps showing acreage positions utilizing land data

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