Credit information capture and analysis

CGI Enterprise Gateway simplifies the complex process of implementing and maintaining multiple interfaces to third-party credit information services and transforms raw credit data into rich, valuable insight. As finance organizations increasingly rely on third-party credit information services to assist with credit decisions, managing these service connections is becoming more complex. Each additional service or new vendor creates a distinct integration and maintenance challenge.

And, some organizations rely on services from dozens of different sources, resulting in a byzantine network of interfaces and connections, as well as unnecessary IT overhead, slow business response, and high costs. As a result, finance organizations are seeking to improve their vendor management capabilities, with the goal of driving operational efficiencies, reducing costs and improving decision-making.

In addition, managing credit information—whether from external or internal sources—has become a challenge for finance organizations as data volumes continue to soar. Firms access hundreds—or even thousands—of records every day in making credit decisions, but greater strategic opportunities abound from this maze of transactional data. By turning raw data into rich insights, finance organizations can win new customers and gain greater wallet share from existing customers.

Turning chaos into simplicity

CGI Enterprise Gateway offers a smarter way for finance organizations to manage third-party credit information services. It greatly simplifies the process of implementing and maintaining multiple interfaces to third-party services, such as credit bureaus, property service vendors, automobile valuations and third-party collections partners. With CGI Enterprise Gateway, organizations manage one gateway that supports multiple vendors, regardless of whether the vendors use the oldest communications protocols or the newest web service methods.

Yet, CGI Enterprise Gateway is more than a vendor management system. It also puts brains behind its technology to turn credit information into valuable insight. CGI Enterprise Gateway stores, summarizes and organizes transactional data, so that it can be used later for business intelligence, trending, vendor performance analysis, customer segmentation and other strategic analyses.

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