Enabling insurance carriers and managing general agents (MGA) to innovate without limits

CGI Precision Marketplace enables carriers and MGAs to connect once to our marketplace and access approximately 70 data and solution providers. We have the APIs in place, as well as the contracts in place at street price or better, and priced “per piece.”

Accelerate your digitization programs and solve complex problems through one simple connection with CGI that gives you access to a wide range of insurtechs or data partners. And, we continually are adding new partners. CGI’s agnostic integration approach enables you to develop unique capability ecosystems with your partners of choice.

CGI Precision Marketplace connects insurers to a marketplace of data solutions for a seamless customer journey

 Our insurance solution features:
•    Cloud-based, low-risk, high-value insurance innovation platform
•    Full integration, orchestration and syndication capabilities for data and services
•    “Best-in-class” insurtech ecosystem through seamless connectivity
•    Low-code interface for business users

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Interact with clients more efficiently

You can provide clients and business partners with faster and more intuitive user experiences by accessing more than 40 pre-built data enrichment connections.

Accelerate performance with real-time data

Use real-time data to support data prefill and use CGI Precision Marketplace Workflow to determine data usage for each transaction based on factors such as distribution channel or line of business.

Improve underwriting performance

Explore a growing data library available out of the box with CGI Precision Marketplace in both personal and commercial lines. Leverage enhanced data, examine prospect attributes, assess geographical data, or invoke machine learning algorithms to deliver enhanced risk analysis and improved profitability.

Accelerate end-to-end insurance platform digitization

Connect your existing platforms with distribution partners and use CGI Precision Marketplace to support streamlined processing. Through advanced data mapping capabilities and CGI’s out-of-the-box insurance data model, you can rapidly migrate data from one platform to another. Cleanse submission data for improved straight-through processing and seamlessly connect to new emerging digital ecosystems.

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With CGI Precision Marketplace, we help insurers and MGAs deliver an innovative customer experience, improve profitability, and expand distribution networks through pre-configured integrations specific to insurance data sources and services. Discover how you can get started today.