With 25 years of experience partnering with states to meet their child support modernization needs, our clients know they can count on us as their trusted IT partner. CGI’s services and solutions empower child support case workers by delivering data-driven insights, mobile-friendly design and an enhanced user experience for case management tools.

CGI’s government technology experts have a deep understanding of our client’s needs and have built solutions that work for them. The outcome of these efforts is solutions that empower child support case workers to deliver services efficiently to the children and families who need them most.

The challenge

Across the country states are grappling with inflexible legacy systems that rely heavily on manual processes, making it impossible to efficiently deliver quality child support services, including financial and medical support.

Examples of these challenges include:

  • Inflexible “enforcement based” activities
  • Limited resources to modernize outdated green screen technology
  • Inability to react to changes in legislation of cultural enhancements to service delivery
  • Inability to access data that should be driving actions

In an effort to improve the delivery of these vital services, states are looking for transformative ways to modernize their solutions to help them tackle these challenges head on.

CGI child support solutions

CGI’s experts in child support rely on their experience in government technology to build, evolve and implement systems that deliver efficient and easy-to-use solutions for child support services across the U.S.

Our child support case management solutions and portals deliver modern platform-based tools that enable fast and efficient case processing, location of absent parents, and customer service request activities via a low-code system with integrated data analytics.

CGI’s child support solutions deliver a flexible platform built on the principles of intelligent automation, configuration and data-driven decision making that put the user experience at the center. Built using modern, cloud-based technology platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce, our solutions are easily configured, and can be implemented more quickly than other legacy or custom build solutions.

CGI also provides services to support incremental modernization – allowing us to meet our clients where they are and work together to deliver transformational services and solutions.


At the core of CGI’s solutions is an emphasis on automation driven through easily-configurable business rules while at the same time providing a smooth pathway to modernization. The benefits include:

  • The ability to configure multiple workflows and focus on intelligent automation which eliminates mundane tasks while supporting the equitable treatment of their citizens
  • A configuration-first approach allows the states’ child support program experts to make changes that keep the system functionality current without the need of CGI or professional developers, resulting in a lower maintenance cost
  • Analytics are integrated into the core solution, allowing users to take advantage of data insights that can be leveraged to guide workflow or call attention to non-policy conforming behaviors
  • Provides child support case workers with the tools to help non-custodial parents meet their obligations
  • Mobile-friendly design that facilitates robust communications among child support case workers, parents, and employers

To learn more about our child support services visit, www.cgi.com/stateandlocal