Recognizing the promise of a connected health ecosystem

With a single connection to a data trust, your healthcare organization can send secure, trusted data transactions across the healthcare ecosystem through CGI TrustedFabric. As we continue to move towards value-based care, quality health care depends on the providers' ability to share patient data and coordinate care. Coordination requires healthcare interoperability among electronic health records (EHRs), hospitals, labs, specialists, and payers. CGI TrustedFabric enables timely and secure access, integration, and appropriate use of health data across the patient experience to achieve coordinated and connected health.

Why CGI TrustedFabric?

Strong coordination between stakeholders in the health ecosystem must be part of a dedicated strategy for organizations that want to improve or be proactive about healthcare interoperability. CGI TrustedFabric can help you realize this vision and capture the promise of healthcare interoperability. Our solution enhances your existing technical infrastructure by enabling data sharing using a secured, distributed ledger technology (DLT) based cloud solution where the data owner maintains control. CGI TrustedFabric is a patent pending solution (US17890940) and a registered trademark of CGI Inc. or its related companies.

Person looking at scans and healthcare data

Improved data structure

Unify your organizational data silos without investing millions of dollars in new systems or complicated data warehouses.

Retain ownership and control of your data 

Share data on a need-to-know basis, not a want-to-have-it basis, enhancing security and reducing unnecessary data movement.


Sharing of data based on consensus, contract, and data governance agreements between trade partners – enforced automatically in the solution.

Full transparency 

Real-time dashboards for all data accesses and denials, providing complete audit trails for all reads, updates, and attempts.

Data access management

Protect the data you send to other organizations, and help your organization apply access controls to your internal data as well as data received from external organizations.


Share data externally as needed and without the need to ‘fit’ into a data warehouse solution standard format.

Cost sharing 

Your organization does not have to incur the entire expense of the solution. The solution and the data are shared, and the cost can also be shared.

Future proof 

Unlocks the art of the possible for outcomes by allowing for unlimited expansion to additional data sources.

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CGI TrustedFabic Solutions

Provider interoperability

Data sharing is one of the providers' most significant barriers to value-based care. CGI TrustedFabric promotes the seamless sharing of health information throughout care settings, allowing health care teams, patients, specialists, labs, pharmacies, and their caregivers to make transitions confidently because they know that providers are filling in any gaps in medical knowledge and communication. To enhance outcomes and provide optimal patient experiences, providers can have complete visibility into prior care decisions and better support patients in various venues throughout their individual journeys.
Connect beyond electronic health records to improve health and care. Expand the reach of information sharing to support population health, address social determinants of health and facilitate robust patient engagement programs.

Payer data-sharing

Regulatory requirements place interoperability front and center for payers. Identifying a strategic partner to help with compliance with regulatory initiatives such as the 21st Century Cures Act and Payer-to-Payer Data Exchange is key because interoperability, especially for payers, is nuanced. Furthermore, while achieving interoperability to meet mandates for payers is substantial, finding your ideal strategic partner will help unlock the full potential of your interoperability investment and unearth new business opportunities.

State and local government data exchange

Local health departments and state health agencies require quantitative data to fulfill their obligation to ensure public health. However, data collection and sharing are not straightforward processes in the US public health system. Responsibilities are divided among many actors, jurisdictions overlap, events that can occur elsewhere, and not every public health agency possesses information systems capable of sharing data. Collectively, these characteristics define a system that likely has gaps in data sharing among public health entities. CGI TrustedFabric delivers the ability to transmit, in near real-time, data among public health agencies within a state for a specific public health activity.

Data management

Typically, the focus of data management and security is concentrated when sending data, but CGI TrustedFabric can manage the data received by your organization as well. Ensure your company is a good steward of internal and external data by letting CGI TrustedFabric construct and apply the same or different security and access protocols for ingesting, collecting, organizing, storing, and protecting data.

Social determinants of health (SDoH)

As much as 80% of a person’s health is determined by the social and economic conditions of their homes and communities. CGI TrustedFabric helps health care organizations go beyond standard claims and medical data to help you gather and integrate data sources to measure SDoH effectively and treat the whole person. Establishing interventions for high-risk populations starts with identifying the most critical needs. Data sharing with CGI TrustedFabric helps you leverage demographic and economic data to serve as the foundation for addressing social determinants.

Life Sciences data ecosystem

As drug therapies become more innovative, vertical integration occurs across the health care ecosystem, reimbursement complexities continue, and pay-for-value trends evolve. Patient outcomes and value orientation are at the core of the connected health care ecosystem. Life Sciences companies must proactively engage in this ecosystem and monitor real-world and near real-time data to better understand the payer, provider, and patient decision-making dynamics and related treatment outcomes.

To do this, Life Sciences companies face the risks and complexities of acquiring, securing, blinding, and integrating large volumes of data from disparate and emerging sources, ranging from clinical to utilization data. CGI TrustedFabric can construct and apply the same or different security and access protocols for ingesting, collecting, organizing, storing, protecting, and curating data while connecting with other internal systems to integrate, bridge, and transform real-world and near real-time data to enable the creation of a complete picture of the patient’s journey through their disease and value of treatments.