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Steve Sousa, CGI Federal
Steve Sousa

Revolutionizing federal healthcare: Navigating the opportunities and challenges of AI integration

January 24, 2024 The Executive Order on Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence, issued this past October, delineates a comprehensive framework for responsible AI development and deployment. This landmark order underscores the imperative to ensure the safety and security of AI systems, emphasizing...

Under federal rules, healthcare providers and payers must adopt common open-industry standards. Issued late in 2022, the rules are intended to advance interoperability, spur industry innovation and simplify the adoption process. However, healthcare administration is more complex than many transactions...

Doug Vargo Headshot
Douglas Vargo

How automation is fueling the shift to person-focused health

June 20, 2023 Whether it's a chatbot on a doctor's website or SMS updates on an insurance claim, emerging technologies like AI and automation are integral to how we experience healthcare today. But rather than de-personalizing the healthcare experience, these innovations are moving...

Joshua Jorgensen professional photo
Joshua Jorgensen

What is explainable AI, and why it is so important?

March 23, 2023 We need machine learning models to make predictions and be transparent in their explanations of these predictions. Explainable AI (XAI) is essential research to enable users and stakeholders to interpret and understand how a machine learning model is making its...

Jennifer Smith, CGI Federal
Jennifer Smith

Healthcare and social services challenges facing federal CFOs in 2023 and beyond

March 17, 2023 As the nation’s population continues to surge, healthcare and social services agencies are experiencing a continued growth in the number of citizens accessing their IT solutions. Our growing population – Boomers to Millennials In 2023, Baby Boomers and Millennials combine...

Brad Schoffstall, CGI Federal
Brad Schoffstall

Three practical steps toward health data interoperability

February 17, 2023 Planning and measurement are key ingredients of a successful move to interoperability.