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More than 78% of health executives are investing in interoperability and collaborating across the organization's boundaries to deliver a connected health experience. Although interoperability has become a household name for health organizations, the complexity of doing more than just exchanging...

Health organizations know that data is the key to meeting the promise of interoperability. Timely and secure access, integration and appropriate use of health data across the patient experience is needed to realize this goal. CGI TrustedFabric brings a new...

The first three things you should look for when reviewing a sepsis claim are patient condition on presentation (includes assessment and diagnostic testing), what was done (implemented treatment plan), and re-evaluation of the patient after treatment.

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John P. George

Creating a vision for a healthier population

August 3, 2022 Building over several years, many organizations’ programs are dedicated to serving consumers equally - addressing gender, income, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, geography, and more in their care and follow-up. Organizations are not only establishing a health equity vision but putting...

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Ryan Patrick Parker

Want to achieve health equity? Start by eliminating data bias

June 6, 2022 Although data and knowledge of the disproportionate application and access to health amongst minority populations are well known, data regarding the impact of the virus on exacerbating health disparities wasn’t immediately available.

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Kathy Carty

What is responsible AI and why should we practice it?

May 12, 2022 Artificial intelligence (AI) has been adopted by many industries as an important method for answering business questions. This powerful decision-making technique is extremely valuable to the healthcare industry. Responsible AI is a crucial aspect of using machine learning in an...

Complex therapies require close patient engagement and support along their treatment journey. Digital support tools at critical inflection points can help the patient feel empowered and cared for. We help you find those critical points and design digital assets to...