For organizations, the key to success in the digital age is not just about technology. It’s also about developing a clear digital strategy based on an understanding of how the workplace is changing and becoming increasingly mobile.

Optimizing performance

CGI partners with agencies to enable optimum performance and readiness by providing a range of sophisticated planning, training and IT services.

Case in Point: Training support for U.S. Army Training Centers of Excellence



  • Platform instruction and curriculum development

  • Intelligence consultants and subject matter experts (SMEs)

  • Joint capabilities integration development process

  • Simulation support

  • Capabilities assessments

  • Doctrine writing

  • Program and project management

  • Mobile training teams

  • Instructor certification


  • Train military professionals from basic to advanced and as tiger teams in intelligence analysis

  • Intelligence SMEs available to assist U.S. Army in determining capabilities required to meet future needs

  • Mobile Training Teams on the road continually to support warfighter needs at home base or in theater

  • Observer controls at Fort Sill’s Battle Simulation Center

  • Instruction methods for new instructors

training session