Realizing the benefits of transformation

While defining a new business strategy can be a difficult task, managing the human dimension of a change is often even more challenging. How can you help your employees successfully integrate the changes being introduced?

CGI helps agencies manage the risks and implement the strategies that lead to success in their organizational transformation projects. Our simple, effective business consulting approach consists of conducting a diagnosis of the situation and assessing, analyzing and developing a strategy that addresses the specific challenges you face.

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Case in point

Strategic modernization: Re-engineering business processes to improve program administration

With CGI’s assistance, a large federal agency undertook a strategic modernization program, focused on re-engineering business processes and information technology systems for the administration of large programs. Key elements of the program included:

Strategic planning

During the initial phase, CGI created a strategic vision and developed the concept of operations for the modernized programs. CGI also conducted extensive analysis to identify and detail industry best practices used in similar public and private sector programs.

Business process reengineering

During the second phase, CGI created a blueprint of the components, systems and core processes for the future state, conducting in-depth analysis of current operations, benchmarking industry best practices and developing future process flow diagrams. CGI then prepared a long-term performance measurement program using a balanced scorecard methodology. Performance measures were identified in the areas of business processes, customers, financials, and workforce.

Organizational Design and Development

As the process model began to take shape, CGI developed an assessment of the organizational structure and options. An organizational blueprint detailed staffing requirements for the modernized environment, and provided alternatives to structure the organization to maximize system and process enhancements. CGI also performed research to determine expected customer service workloads and project-required future levels of effort; this led to estimates of the number of staff required to support each future process based on future workload projections.

Change management, communications & training

As the project has moved from planning to implementation, CGI has developed transition strategies. It provides the agency with change management of the initiative through the development of roll-out plans, communications plans and materials, job aids, web-based and instructor-led training, and general implementation support.

Acquisition support

In response to a request from the Office of Management and Budget, the client tasked CGI to analyze the feasibility of outsourcing program functions. CGI identified the leading outsourcers in the industry and engaged these service providers to provide specific information for analysis of the outsourcing market. After a thorough analysis, CGI developed conclusions on the likely applicability of industry outsourcing capabilities to the agency’s business needs.

Capital asset planning

Throughout the initiative, CGI provided industry-leading capital asset planning and business case consulting services. CGI conducted extensive alternatives analysis for the project, evaluating a wide range of possible options and projecting costs and benefits and project ROI for each alternative. CGI also led budget estimation and planning.