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Stuart Davis

State CIOs pave the way for AI integration, data management and workforce readiness: Top three trends we're hearing across NASCIO

May 8, 2024 Leading up to and during the 2024 National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) MidyearConference, state CIOs nationwide have been gathering to discuss the top priorities and challenges facing state governments today. As former State CIO of Ohio, I...

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Richard Sullivan

Revolutionizing government operations: The Continuous ATO approach

April 24, 2024 In the landscape of government operations, securing Authorization to Operate (ATO) for new software has long been a labyrinthine process fraught with delays and inefficiencies. Traditionally, organizations have grappled with an arduous ATO process, which can take up to 18...

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Robert Turman

How emerging technologies can aid refugees

April 9, 2024 The immigration processes can be confusing in the best of circumstances. For a refugee fleeing violence with little time to conduct research or prepare, and who may speak poor English, or no English at all, it can be frightening. It...

CGI today announced it has been awarded a contract by the State of Nevada for an upgrade of the state’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems with CGI Advantage®, a cloud-based solution that integrates financial, personnel and performance data in a...

Ivan Beraha
Ivan Beraha

Waiting for digital transformation in government

March 11, 2024 Watching the famous Becket's play Waiting for Godot is painful, not in the craftsmanship of the prose or theatrical merits, but in the knowledge that Didi and Gogo (the main characters) are on their own, and the fictional Godot will...

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Eric Thibodeaux

Advancing public services: The impact of Software-as-a-Service in state and local government

February 8, 2024 In the ever-evolving realm of technology solutions for the public sector, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud solutions have emerged as a transformative tool, offering efficient and secure Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) options.

Every new year brings new priorities to #FederalAgencies, technological advances to assess and incorporate and changing expectations among lawmakers, regulators and the public. As the holiday season fades and we get back to work with a refreshed energy, CGI Federal...