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John Rafferty

3 key transformative challenges to embrace with AI and data

2023-10-18 For insurance enterprises, adopting new technology impacts front- and back-end users. As with any change, challenges often arise as your workforce and customers become accustomed to new ways of working and interacting with the business. Let’s explore a few of...

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Douglas Vargo

Automation in life sciences can speed innovation while lowering costs

2023-05-24 Life sciences companies are no strangers to change, but the past several years have presented unprecedented challenges to the industry. As we’ve seen through the CGI Voice of our Clients interviews, the pandemic accelerated trends that were already underway, particularly...

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Anna Gervasoni

The onramp to digital transformation: Digitizing paper documents for efficient data management

2023-05-10 Public and private sector organizations face a daunting outlook when considering their digital transformation journey; they must consider the decades’ worth of paper documents currently stored in boxes, claiming immense amounts of real estate. In addition, as hybrid work models...

Bob Barr, CGI Federal
Bob Barr

Ten steps to tax systems modernization

2023-04-18 The IRS is pushing for a better taxpayer experience. This 10-step plan could provide a way to get there—with funding.

Philip van Sickel
Philip van Sickel

Only the business can lead a digital transformation

2023-03-22 I recently worked with a large organization to help one of their divisions adopt the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe) more effectively. Having recently implemented SAFe, they quickly began seeing improvements across the division. They were very proud of how they...

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Steve Emanuel

AI and automation are transforming the public sector

2023-03-13 If you've used a city mobile app to find a parking spot, you’ve experienced how state and local governments are transforming how they interact with citizen services.

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Ratima Kataria

Modernizing grants data in federal agencies

2022-08-31 After awarding grants, agencies need to analyze performance data to ensure that the funds lead to the desired program outcomes. They continue to face a largely unsolved, post-award phase challenge: data collection, analysis and evidence-based decision-making for future grants.

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Mayank Bhargava

Plan. Transform. Manage. A Framework for Your Cloud Transformation Journey

2022-02-14 The cloud holds vast promise for businesses and organizations, offering a wide range of potential strategic and operational benefits of adopting the cloud and becoming a truly digital organization. While some risks are present, we believe that we can build...

Steven Lacroix
Steven Lacroix

Key considerations for achieving business agility within your Value Management Office

2021-12-16 I recently read a blog by a colleague called Meet the new PMO. In it, he talks about the different types of Program or Project Management Offices (PMOs) that have emerged from the agile movement we've seen over the last...