As a key enabler of digital transformation, intelligent automation is increasingly being used by federal agencies to improve citizen-facing services, mission-oriented decision-making, back-office business processes and IT operations. Today, CGI delivers IA solutions that employ intelligent virtual workers, 24/7 software agents, robotic process automation, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, including machine learning and natural language processing.

Whether agencies are in the initial stages of piloting automation or are looking for an integrated vision across the enterprise, they can rely on CGI due to our comprehensive life-cycle approach, 40+ years of experience automating business processes, intellectual property expertise and strong vendor relationships.

Intelligent Automation framework and methodology:

  • IA Assessment Services: Through a series of business and technology assessments, we work with clients to define

    Intelligent automation lifecycle

    organizational automation goals, desired outcomes and key performance indicators that will measure IA activity and workforce impact.

  • IA Strategy Consulting: Our team engages with clients to develop enterprise strategies and roadmaps, plan pilot projects, select technology, manage change and justify investments through robust benefits/ROI analysis.
  • IA Pilot: Utilizing the specific scenario(s) detailed from the Strategy phase, we engage with agency stakeholders to develop initial pilots that deliver near-term business value, establish proper governance and instill best practices for development and operations for scaling up enterprise-wide.
  • IA Implementation: Leveraging agile best practices, we are able to work with clients to rapidly develop, test and release automations across the enterprise’s programs and services.
  • IA Managed Operations: We reduce or remove the agency’s burden of maintaining IA over the long-term by the operation, management, training and continuous improvement of automation within the agency through CGI’s Robotic Operations Center (ROC).