Agencies are increasingly using automation to improve customer-facing services, mission-oriented decision-making, back-office business processes and IT operations. At CGI, we empower agencies to better leverage their data and optimize their processes, applying the right type of intelligent automation at the right time. Whether you’re looking to automate repetitive tasks via robotic process automation or develop large language models as part of your AI strategy, CGI has the domain and technical expertise to help you achieve your vision.

Scaling intelligent automation for the enterprise

Federal programs and operations teams have been using automation for some time now. However, achieving a return on investment requires an automation approach designed with enterprise scale in mind. Our intelligent automation life cycle approach charts the course for optimizing automation at scale.

  • Assessment: Through a series of business and technology assessments, we work with you to define organizational automation goals, desired outcomes and key performance indicators that will measure intelligent automation activity and workforce impact.
  • Strategy: Our experts engage with you to develop enterprise strategies and roadmaps, plan pilot projects, select technologies, manage change and justify investments through robust benefits/ROI analysis.
  • Pilot: Utilizing the specific scenario(s) detailed from the Strategy phase, we engage with your stakeholders to develop initial pilots that deliver near-term business value, establish proper governance, and instill best practices for development and operations for scaling up enterprise-wide.
  • Implementation: Leveraging agile best practices, we collaborate with you and your stakeholders to rapidly develop, test and release automations across the enterprise’s programs and services.
  • Managed operations: We reduce or remove the burden of maintaining IA over the long-term by the operation, management, training and continuous improvement of automation through adoption of a Robotic Operations Center.


Infographic that says "Intelligent Automation Life Cycle" in the middle of a circle, surrounded by arrows that says, "strategy, pilot, implementation, managed operations, assessment"