This paper presents key considerations to help agencies pursue intelligent automation efforts that will make the most business sense, reduce overall risk, and be more likely to meet agency expectations.

Intelligent automation (IA), which is profoundly changing relationships between humans and machines, is a key enabler of digital transformation. Federal agencies working through such a transformation should consider the benefits of intelligent virtual workers, 24/7 software agents, robotic process automation, autonomics, cognitive computing and machine learning, and physical robots.

Automation has been able to take over simple task sequences for a long time. Now, automation is gaining increasingly sophisticated capabilities, leading ultimately into the realm of cognitive algorithms to mimic basic reasoning, and artificial intelligence (AI), which in the most sophisticated automation environments is beginning to allow virtual agents to emulate human reasoning and empathy. AI also powers advanced big data analysis, vastly enlarging the ability to develop actionable information.

CGI can help agencies fully capitalize on automation with a comprehensive Intelligent Automation Service Framework, 40 years of experience automating business processes, intellectual property and strong vendor relationships.

Key services and solutions include:

  • IA enablement and transformation consulting: We help clients assess current needs and opportunities, develop enterprise strategies and roadmaps, design and pilot projects, plan for transformation, select technology, manage change, and justify investments through robust benefits/ROI analysis.

  • IA as a Service: We manage ongoing programs and services for clients (onsite or in the cloud) that are continually optimized for quality.

  • IT technologies and platforms: CGI helps clients configure leading-edge automation technologies and integrate them into their operational environments.