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Today, organizations generate massive amounts of documents and metadata across their many lines of business. As they modernize, the need to clean up, classify and migrate this information to new systems efficiently has intensified. Introducing CGI IntelliMigrate360 The CGI IntelliMigrate360...

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Douglas Vargo

Automation in life sciences can speed innovation while lowering costs

May 24, 2023 Life sciences companies are no strangers to change, but the past several years have presented unprecedented challenges to the industry. As we’ve seen through the CGI Voice of our Clients interviews, the pandemic accelerated trends that were already underway, particularly...

October 9-12, 2023 CGI is proud to be a sponsor and exhibitor at UiPath's annual automation forum. Meet our experts at Booth #D01 to learn more about our CGI Accel360 accelerator and industry expertise.

How digitization drives speed, accuracy and intelligent automation This paper explores how the combination of smart digital technology investments, the right partnerships and well-planned implementation strategies play a critical role in addressing the unique business challenges that mortgage lenders face...

Steven Paselli
Steven Paseli

From chatbots to AI: an intelligent automation story

August 26, 2021 CGI has been using hyper-automation technologies for many years to drive operational efficiencies. We recently reviewed our US Global Technology Operations and determined that, through our Amelia AI digital workers, we have implemented over 12,000 automation workflows that monitor over...

Danielle Metzger
Danielle Metzger

Employ intelligent automation to drive value in life sciences quality operations

July 1, 2020 Employ intelligent automation to drive value in life sciences quality operations The biggest misconception around the use of intelligent automation (IA) is that its aim is to replace people. In fact, IA tools free people to focus on the critical...

Josh Sonnier, CGI Federal
Josh Sonnier

How quantum computing and smart planning could supercharge AI

June 22, 2020 Quantum computing is challenging, and there are problems yet to solve, but it holds tremendous potential.