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Steven Paselli
Steven Paseli

From chatbots to AI: an intelligent automation story

2021-08-26 CGI has been using hyper-automation technologies for many years to drive operational efficiencies. We recently reviewed our US Global Technology Operations and determined that, through our Amelia AI digital workers, we have implemented over 12,000 automation workflows that monitor over...

Danielle Metzger
Danielle Metzger

Employ intelligent automation to drive value in life sciences quality operations

2020-07-01 Employ intelligent automation to drive value in life sciences quality operations The biggest misconception around the use of intelligent automation (IA) is that its aim is to replace people. In fact, IA tools free people to focus on the critical...

Jason Porter. CGI Federal Vice President
Jason Porter

How quantum computing and smart planning could supercharge AI

2020-06-22 Quantum computing is challenging, and there are problems yet to solve, but it holds tremendous potential.

CGI’s Digital Insights Practice
CGI’s Digital Insights Practice

Improving economic forecasting with AI

2018-11-26 Artificial intelligence has advanced the science of economic modeling to allow forecasting the potential effects of a large number of variables on the economy across multiple dimensions, in real time. Many federal agencies can leverage this emerging power.

Sourabh Pawar
Sourabh Pawar

Bulletproofing RPA implementation with an enterprise strategy

2018-08-22 Earlier this year, we shared some insights on the application of robotic process automation (RPA) in our blog, “Seven tips for executives considering robotic process automation.” As an RPA practitioner here in the U.S., I’d like to expand on those...

Kevin Greer, CGI Federal
Kevin Greer

Getting started with robotic process automation in government is easier than you think

2018-08-08 Robotic process automation (RPA) is perhaps the most visible aspect of intelligent automation right now. It stands to transform agency operations by freeing up employees or contractors from repetitious tasks such as paying invoices, filing documents or managing human resources...