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Whether your focus is on building digital roadmaps, implementing core digital strategies, such as data analytics and cyber insurance, or designing and managing core systems transformation, our experts can help you navigate the next stage of your digital journey.

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The focus for property and casualty insurance executives, is on managing costs and improving digital service quality for clients.

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CGI Ratabase360

CGI Ratabase360 accelerates your ability to get your products to market while reducing your operating costs. The solution’s intuitive and functionally rich browser interface empowers business users to manage all aspects of the rate making process with no need for IT involvement. Pre-built APIs enable the automation of processes such as filings, workflows and testing.

CGI Ratabase360 delivers the power to rate policy transactions for any line of business in real time, processing thousands of data items per transaction to ensure accurate pricing.

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CGI Precision Marketplace: Accelerate innovation by harnessing the power of insurtechs.

CGI Precision Marketplace enables carriers and MGAs to connect to our marketplace and access approximately 70 different data and solution providers, as well as APIs and contracts at street price or better, and priced “per piece.”

CGI’s agnostic integration approach provides access to a range of insurtechs or data partners to help you accelerate your digitization programs, solve complex problems and develop unique capability ecosystems with your partners of choice.

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Data-driven insurance: A path to strategic advantage

Data-driven insurance: A path to strategic advantage

Data-driven insurance is an enterprise-wide business model that can generate a strategic advantage in the insurance ecosystem. Leveraging AI to analyze data can drive innovation and transform insurance products and services.

Learn how your organization can transition to data-driven insurance to compete effectively and achieve a strategic advantage in an insurance ecosystem that’s facing complex challenges.  

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The insurance industry faces several challenges, including intensifying competition, profitability pressures, mounting regulations, and the integration of sustainable business practices.

We are committed to making our story about you and your successful journey in addressing these challenges and generating positive outcomes.

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