Powerful, innovative rating

Ratabase enables insurance agents and consumers to generate policy price quotes in real time. It also provides actuaries and business analysts with sophisticated modeling tools to help them keep pace with the latest market trends.

Putting greater technical capabilities in the hands of business users means insurance companies can leverage their information assets like never before—segmenting markets, performing impact analysis, spotting trends, testing new business opportunities, and offering customers more competitive products overall.

The industry's leading rating and underwriting rules engine

Ratabase offers a combination of powerful functionality and high usability that helps insurers become more agile and quickly pivot in response to market changes.

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Innovative functionality

Faster, more efficient delivery of functionality through Ratabase Apps


Reduces your effort and cost in maintaining rating and rules

Speeds up time to market and helps you quickly pivot to meet changing conditions

Enables you to build once and deploy to any environment: cloud, Windows, midrange or mainframe

Drives rating innovation, enabling you to handle any pricing scenario, no matter how complex


 million transactions and information
members dedicated to insurance 
more than 200 clients globally 

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