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Streamline your work with Ratabase

With Ratabase Output Designer, business users can integrate Ratabase rate tables and formulas into professional output pages. At the same time, they can quickly and easily produce compliant materials for submission to state insurance regulators. Our solution offers:

  • Production of regulatory filings and agency manual pages
  • Testing and results comparison for quality assurance purposes
  • Reports on remote intranet/internet access by agencies
  • Manipulation of Ratabase data to transform and compare with other systems
  • Saving of output as generated templates in a Ratabase report format, removing the need to send live spreadsheets

Improve accuracy

Pull rate and formula data directly from the Ratabase database and rate revision development without the need to copy and paste or re-key information


Streamline workflows

Reuses rate pages (design, development, publish), eliminating duplicate work effort and maintaining the same rate page template across different databases or organizational hierarchies 

Customization and flexibility

Generate new rate page results from templates in real time, with the ability to customize data layouts using flexible formatting features such as personalized graphics and labels

increase in staff productivity
improvement in days to implement changes
data items processed sub-second
implementations of Ratabase
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Why partner with CGI?

Our capabilities and success in the P&C and life insurance sectors have made us the partner of choice for hundreds of insurers, brokers and agencies around the world. We work with clients to implement solutions across the value chain to help them grow. Our experience and expertise include: 

Experienced team

We are a systems integrator for the world’s leading core insurance software solutions. Our 5,000 experienced insurance experts deliver end-to-end services and solutions that enable insurers to become digital organizations across all areas of their business.

Innovative solutions

We offer innovative solutions such as Ratabase, the industry’s leading pricing and product configuration engine

Trusted partner

We have 40 years of experience serving global solutions provider for P&C and life carriers, brokers and agents, including 7 of the top 10 insurers in the United States and 200+ clients worldwide. This work includes policy, claims and billing system implementations across the globe.

Proven success
We process more than 15 million transactions daily and $450 billion in premiums annually through systems that we manage on behalf of our clients.


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