Insurance rating and product configuration solution designed to modernize insurance pricing

Insurance pricing is core to carriers’ success. Placing greater power in the hands of business experts means insurers can leverage information like never before—segmenting markets, performing impact analysis, spotting trends, hypothesis testing, and offering customers more competitive products

Ratabase is the “gold standard” in insurance rating with 30+ years of supporting a wide range of business classes, 100+ successful implementations on-premise and cloud with an average client satisfaction score of 9.8 out of 10.

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How Ratabase transforms the insurance pricing process

A powerful solution for complex rating

Our highly scalable and reliable engine rates policy transactions for any line of business in real-time with sub-second response.

Accelerate product time to market

Develop, maintain and manage products more efficiently, with business users managing all aspects of the rate-making process using a no-code/low-code platform.

Rapid plug-and-play integration

Connects to any enterprise system to simplify and streamline business processes.

City from the air
premiums processed through Ratabase annually
increase in staff productivity
7 of 10
top U.S. insurance carriers trust Ratabase to automate their underwriting
improvement in days to implement changes
insurance clients globally
data items processed in sub-second response time

Ratabase in the cloud

The Ratabase Rating Service is designed for high availability, high throughput, and scalability in the Cloud. The Rating Service is deployed in the Cloud leveraging Cloud-native services that provide auto-scale capabilities for elastic computing.

Ratabase Actuarial

Ratabase Actuarial enables enhanced decision-making through simulation and analysis, increasing pricing accuracy and speeding up the product innovation life cycle. We deliver Ratabase Actuarial as a prebuilt SaaS offering that allows you to connect external data sources, reduce the cost of integration and enable platform scalability.

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A SaaS based cloud-native version of our award-winning platform, Ratabase, our end-to-end rating and rules platform is designed with underwriting and pricing specialists in mind, placing all aspects of pricing and rating in the hands of the business, while ensuring accountability through stringent governance, compliance and audit practices.

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CGI Precision Marketplace

A SaaS offering that can enrich rating data with external data sources to enhance validation and pricing calculations rules.

Regulatory and Statistical Reporting

CGI manages all facets of statistical reporting: timely and accurate data submission filing, data corrections, monitoring regulatory publications through impact analysis, mandatory changes, and reporting compliance.

CGI Precision Tap2Drive

Improve driving behavior and lower losses with real-time hazard alerts via the smartphone-based Tap2Drive application; including all the data needed to power your usage-based insurance program.