Accelerate innovation by harnessing the power of insurtechs

Deliver an innovative customer experience, improve profitability, and expand distribution networks through the orchestration of dozens of pre-configured integrations specific to insurance data sources and services.

Innovate without limits

Why negotiate with 25 different companies for different data and services when CGI already has done that. Negotiating with insurtechs is especially challenging because you never know if they will survive or provide the security you need.

CGI Precision Marketplace enables carriers and MGAs to connect to our marketplace and access approximately 70 different data and service providers. We have the APIs in place, as well as the contracts in place at street price or better, and priced “per piece.”

Accelerate your digitization programs and solve complex problems through one simple CGI connection that gives you access to a wide range of insurtechs and data partners (plus, we are continually adding new partners). Our agnostic integration approach enables you to develop unique capability ecosystems with your partners of choice.