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Our commitment to women

We create opportunities for women to connect, grow and inspire. At CGI, women build and sustain communities that share experiences, develop skills and support career advancement. We are committed to a workplace environment where women’s voices are heard and their accomplishments are recognized. At CGI, women are vital to the success of our business and the missions of our clients. At CGI, our commitment includes initiatives that:

Build connections
  • Create curated conversations about personal career journeys, challenges and strategies to address work-life balance.
  • Provide networking opportunities and 1:1 and small group mentoring programs.
Develop talent
  • Develop new and existing talent with learning opportunities and participation in CGI-sponsored and external industry conferences.
  • Attract, recruit and retain diverse early-career and experienced professional women.
  • Cultivate leadership competencies that create opportunities for women.
Inspire professional growth
  • Foster the retention and promotion of women through succession planning and executive sponsorship.
  • Create opportunities for women to achieve their personal career goals and aspirations.


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I.T. girl challenge

CGI hosts mobile app challenges for high school girls in partnership with schools and community organizations.

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A nationwide K-12 program that trains and mentors young people for STEM careers, focusing on students from communities that are underrepresented in STEM fields.

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Gaby Lio, Womens History Month

Come in with confidence

Gabriella Lio leads the AI and Automation team as part of CGI’s Emerging Technology Practice and the CGI IT Academy’s data engineering program. She shared how advancing from an individual contributor to a leadership position was a huge change with many new responsibilities, challenges and lessons.

“As women push further into traditionally male-dominated fields, we might be the only woman in the room. This can take a toll on your confidence and make you question if you belong, sometimes leading to imposter syndrome. I expressed these feelings to my boss, who gave me some phenomenal advice that has really changed my perspective. Instead of walking into the room with the attitude of ‘Do I belong?’ I now come in with a bold attitude of ‘Let me show you why I’m here.’ This has enabled me to speak up and show my value and the different perspectives I bring.”

Learn outside the classroom

Brittany Sykes' mentor, best friend and greatest influence on her career is her mother, who taught her the importance of learning new skills and teaching skills to other people. She shared that “the majority of learning throughout your life takes place outside of a classroom.”

After four years as a program control analyst at CGI, she had the opportunity to become part of a client program management team. She felt this new opportunity was outside her comfort zone, but now in the position, she says, “I have expanded my knowledge of international program management. I always take advantage of learning about the different services offered in various countries from my coworkers. I’m proud that I’ve become a trusted source for financial guidance.”

Brittiany appreciates the lifelong encouragement and guidance she has received from her mother. She says “I would encourage all CGI members to take opportunities to learn something new regardless of their age or experience.”

Brittany Sykes, Womens History Month
Rekha Bhogaraju, Womens History Month

Don’t overthink it; just do it

Rekha Bhogaraju is a Technical Solutions Architect and Project Manager with more than 20 years of experience in IT. Rekha has a three-tiered approach to empowerment. First, she believes in action, not words. “Don’t overthink it, just do it,” she says, “and show the team around you it can be done.” Second, be truthful and transparent. “Be direct and share candidly, [with] no sugar coating and no misdirection,” she says. “Third, build supportive relationships. Ask for help and offer help.”

Rekha also knows it is important for everyone to accept responsibility for creating an equitable environment. “We are all knowledge workers,” she says. “Access to resources, opportunities, and mentors is imperative for anyone to enter and succeed in our field.”

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