CGI I.T. Girl Challenge is a mobile app challenge for high school girls. Small teams partner with CGI mentors to develop a smart-phone app utilizing a mobile app building platform. Each team will present their mobile app to a panel of judges. The team with the most innovative, applicable and creative mobile app design will receive college scholarship funds.  

The challenge originated at one of CGI’s Innovation Centers in Pittsburgh. Thanks to CGI’s Dream Connectors program, it has now become an annual event in Pittsburgh and has plans to expand across the U.S.  

The CGI I.T. Girl Challenge is one of our mentorship programs of STEM@CGI, a nationwide K-12 program that aims to train and mentor young people for STEM careers. It strives to provide experiences that inspire students with the drive to learn for a bright future in the digital workforce. STEM@CGI focuses on students in demographics that are underrepresented in STEM fields, including women, minorities and the economically disadvantaged.