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May 21, 2021 This year's challenge in Pittsburgh For the 2021 CGI I.T. Girl Challenge, we are approaching the virtual model head-on. The Challenge will be comprised of 20 CGI-led Mentor hours spread over a 12 week period. The division of these hours...

CGI consultant Stephanie LaBonte created an app to connect volunteers with non-profit organizations needing help.

Meet Melanie Gallant, a CGI consultant who organized STEM camps to encourage women to pursue technology careers

Emma Wilkinson is a CGI Dream Connector who recycled laptops to teach young people technology skills.

CGI consultant Vivek Raja built a technology lab for visually impaired students.

CGI consultant Robert Almqvist created an interface to support senior citizens’ use of technology.

CGI consultant Vincent Luauté organizes robot competitions to engage the next generation in STEM.