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Navigating uncertainty using the power of organizational change management

Disruptive technologies, market shifts and new organizational models demand evolving corporate cultures and work behaviors. Many executives cite change management as a significant constraint to achieving priorities.

We help clients develop strategic change management approaches to navigate these transitions efficiently and sustainably. Our consultants assist in preparing stakeholders, adapting organizational design and processes, building change management capabilities and measuring change effectiveness.

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End-to-end people-centered change strategy and adoption 

We execute successful change strategies and adoption for complex transformations involving large employee numbers across multiple countries, departments and cultures. We also handle transformations that involve external partners, vendors, contractors and stakeholders. Our expertise extends to transformations leveraging novel technologies like AI, robotic process automation, cloud migration, agile development, data-driven business models, ESG initiatives and new compliance requirements.

Change accelerators

Our change accelerators help develop culture and change strategies as part of an overall transformation roadmap. We assess organizational culture and climate to develop tailored change plans. We also help establish Change Management Offices to build capabilities for facilitating change adoption across a portfolio of initiatives. Our post-change assessments help gauge adoption levels, utilization and proficiency so clients can chart corrective actions if needed.

Culture and people integration roadmap and execution for M&A or managed services

For mergers and acquisitions and managed services transitions, we help unify people and teams into a high-performing culture post-M&A. When transitioning to managed services, we facilitate the successful integration of transitioning employees and manage the remaining employees' roles and responsibilities.

Work design and talent management roadmap

We design roadmaps that enable the future of work by fostering a culture of belonging and driving long-term employee retention within organizations.

CGI's comprehensive and transformational organizational change management approach

For decades, we've supported clients worldwide in planning and executing large-scale organizational change management projects. Our innovative methods and proven tools are based on global best practices and lessons learned from countless transformations. We co-design projects end-to-end, collaborating on strategy, implementation and turnaround measures. Our organizational change management consultants provide:

  • Nearly 50 years of cross-industry experience
  • Local accountability backed by global resources
  • Accreditations from leading certification providers and continuous learning
  • Flexible engagements tailored to your needs, from refreshing your approach to building enterprise-wide capabilities
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