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Helping you effectively manage the human-side of change initiatives

While defining a new business strategy can be a difficult task, managing the human dimension of a change is often even more challenging. How can you help your employees successfully integrate the changes being introduced?

CGI's change management consulting services help clients manage the risks and implement the strategies that lead to success in their organizational change projects. Our simple, effective business consulting approach consists of conducting a diagnosis of the situation and assessing, analyzing, and developing a change management strategy that addresses the specific challenges you face.

Strategic change

CGI focuses on aligning people's behaviors across all levels of your critical business objectives, with a goal of supporting large-scale organizational transformation. Our change management services begin with coaching leaders on managing and communicating effectively through change when things might not be "business as usual" for your organization.

Effectiveness assessment

CGI's analysts look at the interdependencies among your organization's culture, capacity, and behaviors to understand their influence on results. We facilitate online assessments that provide personalized insights and present these insights using standardized views that are easy to understand.

Organization and process (O&P) design

As you roll out major organizational shifts, CGI delivers the change management strategies that motivate your people, ensuring their alignment to the new structure and building the steps for success. CGI's change management services ensure you benchmark your organization at the start of any change process and track your progress against goals at every milestone.

High-performance team development

Customized, action-based techniques generate immediate gains while keeping teams focused on daily work. Diagnostic tools identify your people's strengths and ways to work better together, often eliminating the risks of common conflicts from occurring.

Knowledge management

CGI capitalizes upon and collects, captures, and collates assets across your knowledge management value chain to harness and manage the intellectual capital and properties that best anticipate and support needed change.

Culture change

Our culture experts engage your organization and its members in defining and implementing a blueprint for success. We quantify and connect culture to your top priorities, including business agility, digital transformation, customer experience, growth, employee engagement, or quality to accelerate desired results.

Benefits of CGI's change management consulting services

CGI combines these services with stakeholder engagement methodologies that achieve acceptance and build partnerships for lasting success. We help you identify, group and engage your stakeholders, tying them with management to ensure the entire organization is ready to adopt change. Our team of experts offers:

  • Proven ability to achieve change success at scale
  • Human-centered design approach
  • Cultural view of change
  • Deep industry expertise
  • Global expertise with local presence
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