The challenge and opportunity

Financial management process challenges such as the inability to operate effectively in functional silos, share data across departments and agencies and adapt to evolving Human Resources models are placing tremendous operational risk on federal CFOs.

The CFO Council has raised awareness that federal CFOs face a number of strategic challenges, making it more imperative than ever to have a robust, cogent CFO strategic plan to address at least a five year time horizon. CFO strategic plans should be paired with a CFO Roadmap to define the specific next steps to achieve plan goals and objectives.

Examples of common CFO strategic challenges include:

  • Inability to operate effectively in functional silos
  • Heavy manual transaction processing workloads
  • Difficulty analyzing and sharing data
  • Challenging internal and external environments with evolving demands and risks

Strategic CFO advisory outcomes

CGI’s strategic CFO roadmap approach delivers:

  • Access to CGI's Management Consulting Team consisting of established industry leaders with the vision and industry expertise.
  • Support for compliance with new and emerging policies and standards from Treasury and OMB.
  • Support for increased responsiveness to rapid shifts in agency program priorities driven by unplanned regional or national events and circumstances.

CGI’s competitive advantage 

Our approach to meeting the professional services needs for CFOs leverages the expertise of the Financial Management and CFO Advisory team from CGI Federal’s Management Consulting Practice. A key output of this overall effort will be to increase the resilience of the CFO function using key operational pillars including:   

  • People: Stakeholders require that CFO staff continuously develop new skills and capabilities to support new tools and technologies, needed to enable the evolution of the CFO’s work.
  • Process: Strong and mature business processes provide the foundation a CFO Team needs to be efficient and effective.
  • Technology: Implementing the right technology in conjunction with other transformation initiatives will serve as an accelerator to achieving process optimization goals.

CFO Advisory Deliverables 

  • CFO Assessment: the assessment provides an in-depth review of the maturity of current CFO operations and progress towards Strategic Plan Goals, using the CGI Federal Financial Management Maturity Model (FFMMM). 
  • Customized Roadmap: the Customized Roadmap will help drive CFO transformation in alignment with the CFO Financial Management Strategic Plan by defining timeframes for achieving targeted milestones.   
  • Transformation Implementation Plan: the Transformation Implementation Plan defines the detailed tasks to be performed in order to realize recommendations contained in the customized CFO Roadmap.  
  • CFO Stakeholder Organizational Change Management Support: organizational Change Management support is an important element to achieving success with items included in CFO Advisory Services to increase stakeholder engagement.

Benefits of CGI’s Advisory Services

After implementation deliverables and key activities, CFOs will be positioned to lead a resilient CFO organization - better able to withstand and thrive in the face of the numerous, evolving stress points impacting today’s CFOs. 

Benefits of CGI's CFO Advisory Services 

  • Access to CGI Federal’s CFO Advisory Team consisting of established industry leaders.
  • Raised profile for the CFO organization, both internally and externally.
  • CFO becomes a strategic advisor to the agency C-Suite.
  • Optimized staffing models for key staff focused on high level strategic initiatives instead of transaction processes.


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