Energy retailers are looking to maximize client retention and be at the forefront of market trends driven by data analytics. CGI's accelerator program, built on Salesforce Marketing Cloud, helps clients digitally transform marketing campaigns and customer engagement.

Energy retailers are pressed to engage customers in the digital marketing age

Energy retailers are looking to take a much more customer centric approach, to understand ‘customers’ rather than ‘meters’ and ‘sites’ with a focus on moving from ‘customer service’ to ‘customer experience’, through understanding journeys and sentiment. New technologies are driving product innovation, such as smart data, pricing models, product bundles and additional non-core products & services, including the adoption of emerging technologies such as online pricing engines. With increasing volumes and complexity of customer data, energy retailers often have challenges managing data quality and finding opportunities to drive value through analytics, whilst also optimizing business processes through automation.

CGI’s Energy Retail Marketing Accelerator helps energy retailers acquire customers and add value to the customer experience. We can help accelerate and productize your use of Salesforce marketing cloud and deliver personalized customer journeys based on prospects needs, powered by industry data such as smart metering or proven industry data sources (e.g. Electralink, Xoserve) for email, mobile, social, digital advertising, and DMP.

Benefits of the marketing accelerator

  • We combine industry best practices with digital strategy and consultancy, enabling you to harness to the latest marketing trends
  • Improving your digital presence and brand awareness in a simple, automated platform
  • Reduced marketing costs that drive increased ROI, revenue and value to the business
  • Improved customer experience and increased customer interaction leveraging multiple channels, including social media, organic traffic, SEO, and email