We met with 75 health executives to understand their top priorities and how they are preparing for and adapting to key trends shaping their organizations. This year, executives are prioritizing:

  • Digitization and digital transformation to improve patient and business outcomes.
  • Reducing costs and optimizing business operations.
  • Driving modernization of IT with new and innovative technology, including automation.
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Health organizations increasingly pursue AI use cases.

are exploring GenAI use cases for optimizing business operations
cite AI as the top innovation priority over the next 3 years
are already implementing traditional AI, (up 6pp YoY)


  • Continued focus on legacy challenges and modernization
    85% say legacy systems impact implementation of their digitization strategy.
  • Impacts of value chain reconfiguration lead to shifting business priorities
    59% say a reconfigured business value chain has highly impacted their organization.
  • Mature data and agile business models are keys to digital strategy success
    28% have a mature strategy to leverage data to achieve business model resiliency.


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Organizations generating expected results from their digitization strategies—the digital leaders—share common attributes that enable them to accelerate outcomes compared to others. For example, in the health sector, digital leaders:

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Are less challenged by legacy systems


vs. industry average

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Extend data protection strategy to ecosystem


vs. industry average

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Have highly agile business models


vs. industry average

pp = percentage points


Enhance care with digital transformation: Improve workflow and resource allocation with tailored solutions.


Leverage AI-driven decision support: Improve diagnosis accuracy, treatment plans and patient outcomes.


Ensure robust cybersecurity: Safeguard sensitive patient information and ensure regulatory compliance.


Automate to streamline operations: Reduce administrative tasks, optimize resources, and improve efficiency.


Focus on data-driven insights for value-based care: Track outcomes and quality metrics to demonstrate value.


Build a resilient supply chain for patient care: Ensure access to medical supplies and medications.

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