Reduce risk and stay ahead of the regulatory curve

Screening payments and customers to identify illicit financial activities and comply with anti-financial crime regulations is an expanding and critical endeavor for financial institutions and corporates alike, as they seek to protect themselves from fines and regulatory actions. The cost associated with screening and compliance is often a major challenge for organizations, especially as they face increasing workloads with fixed staff sizes.

CGI’s HotScan Risk Screening solutions suite is leading the fight against financial crime. Its comprehensive solutions screen customer, counterparty and employee records, as well as all types of payments, improve customer onboarding and customer due diligence processes, and provide notifications of matches against watch lists while meeting the constantly rising regulatory compliance bar.

Implemented in more than 30 countries, the HotScan suite filters more than 60% of the world’s foreign exchange trades every day. HotScan’s industry-leading false positive reduction minimizes delays to transactions and allows rapid and thorough review of customer data while reducing risk and operational costs and helping organizations comply with sanctions regulation.

Key components include


HotScan Customer Due Diligence (CDD) Manager and Customer Screening

  • Screens of “know your customer” information and documents
  • Assesses customer risk profiles 
  • Eliminates manual and isolated customer due diligence and screening processes
  • Checks new and existing customers against government-issued, third-party and internal watch lists for risk exposure

HotScan Payments Filter

  • Supports real-time cross-border and domestic transaction screening, with watch list match alerts
  • Complies with all filtering regulations
  • Screens for all watch lists, including: regulator and internal lists in XML, Excel and CSV formats; “good guy” lists; and subscription lists such as Dow Jones, World-Check and MK Denial
  • Provides sophisticated algorithms to find “true positives”