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Black History Month (BHM) reminds us how individual and collective achievements of a group of people can contribute to a wider culture as a whole.

Many people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs) in India lack access to basic education and employment. Access to structured and systematic training for adults with intellectual challenges is key to helping them become self-reliant and productive.

ESA’s Digital Twin Earth (DTE) is planned to be a dynamic, high resolution reconstruction of the Earth and its complex processes to support advanced science-based decision making at an unprecedented scale.

This important initiative is part of a broad range of sustainable activities CGI is investing in to reinforce the company’s ambitious corporate social responsibility strategy.

Technological innovations have changed the way medical professionals approach emergency care. A patient’s medical history is vital during emergency situations so it is equally critical that they receive clear and reliable data in real-time.

We believe nurturing the next generation of technology professionals is critical for the future success of our digital workforce and society. Through our global STEM@CGI initiative, we strive to inspire more young people to develop an interest and explore careers...

At CGI, we empower students in our communities by providing educational opportunities that help them develop the skills they need for the future, as well as improve their social and economic well-being. This includes inspiring, training and mentoring students for...

CGI, the primary IT provider in Glasgow and the Scottish Borders, created a unique digital solution, Empowered Learning, which has transformed learning and teaching in Scotland’s biggest city, Glasgow, and the rural Scottish Borders.

CGI consultants created a game called Spoofy to teach young students valuable cybersecurity skills.