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As part of its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy, CGI (NYSE: GIB) (TSX: GIB.A) has partnered with Project Seagrass, a global charity devoted to seagrass conservation, to develop an open-source algorithm that helps locate, quantify and track seagrass meadows...

Sébastien Barangé, Vice-President, Social Responsibility and Sustainability, CGI
Sébastien Barangé

Building trust through ESG accountability and transparency

February 14, 2023 At CGI, we believe that: “What gets measured, and the related results made visible, gets done.” Accountability and transparency are integral to the way we build trust with our three stakeholders: our clients, members and shareholders.

CGI announces the publication of its 2022 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report, which details the company’s commitments, quantified targets and progress on its three global priorities of People, Communities and Climate.

Each year, we organize a global initiative called Well-being Around the World that unifies us in our commitment to health and well-being. Our 2023 theme, “We’re better together,” aims to educate our professionals about the benefits of social connection on...

We understand that the word “family” can reflect many realities. Whether a member* is responsible for the primary care of a dependent family member, grieving the loss of a loved one, or supervising their child’s homeschooling, CGI provides access to...

CGI is committed to expanding equitable access to IT training. Our goal is to provide fun experiences and support that inspire young people around the world to develop the digital skills needed to succeed in the digital workforce.

At CGI, we’re committed to finding ways to bridge the social and economic differences between groups across society. Attracting and including people from a range of backgrounds leads to diverse perspectives that can unlock innovation.