2017 CGI Client Global Insights by Industry

Digital transformation insights within our clients’ industries

No matter the industry, executives are aligned that the digital needs of customers and citizens are bringing about the transformation of organizations around the world. While the global report notes a number of similarities across industries, we recognize that executives experience transformation in the context of their industry, geography and organizational culture. Download the report summaries below and contact us to request a copy of a full industry report.

Capital markets
The prevalence of digital technology is increasing demands from customers, competitors and regulators
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Central and Federal Government Summary

Central and federal government
Becoming digital, protecting through cybersecurity and assuring regulatory compliance are top-of-mind for client executives
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Corporate and transaction banking
Executives seek to accelerate business model transformation in a highly competitive market
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Defense, Intelligence and Space Summary

Defense, intelligence and space
Executives share an urgency to protect their organizations through cybersecurity, followed by a focus on modernization, new delivery models and greater use of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products
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CGI Client Global Insights - Health

The need to shift from a supply-driven to a demand-driven organization is driving the industry’s digital transformation, as are investments to provide more personalized service and safer, more efficient and effective care.
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CGI Client Global Summary - Insurance

Customer expectations, cost management and regulatory compliance top the list as priorities for insurers to become digital enterprises.
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CGI Client Global Insights - Manufacturing

Digitization and integration across the supply chain, along with the adoption of Industry 4.0, are top priorities for executives.
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CGI Client Global Insights - Retail and consumer services

Retail and consumer services
Digital transformation is imperative to meet increasing customer expectations, leading to digital strategies and investments required for holistic transformation.
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Retail banking
Clients are increasing transformation initiatives around regulation, security and personalized services
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State and Local Government Summary

State and local government
The priority to meet citizens’ digital expectations requires IT modernization to proceed as does protecting operations through cybersecurity
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Executives are accelerating the pace of change, driven by the demands of digital customers and need to transform the production and consumption of energy
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