A complete channel management offering

Today, organizations are increasingly realizing the benefits of using business intelligence to optimize channel allocation. CGI Connect provides an integrated multi-channel offering that includes advanced decisioning capabilities and the latest in collections channel technology, enabling clients to improve the customer experience through effective channel management and reduce collections costs.

A component of the CGI Collections360 suite, CGI Connect addresses interactive voice response (IVR), dialer, text message, email and web portal needs by leveraging CGI partnerships. It also delivers a variety of technology solutions that meet our clients’ diverse channel management needs.

With CGI Connect, organizations can facilitate multi-channel, 24x7 customer service through customer preferred channels, enhancing the overall customer experience while, at the same time, reducing operational costs.

Key features of CGI Connect include the following:

  • IVR/dialer: Provides unified contact center technology solutions, including advanced dialer technology and integrated IVR solutions.

  • Multi-channel communication: Provides the ability to communicate with a customer via different channels, such as two-way SMS (mobile) and one-way email; through these interactive channels, communications can drive the customer to a web portal to make a payment or promise to pay.

  • Web Promises: A related CGI solution that, when integrated with CGI Connect, provides a communications and validation link between bank-branded websites or IVRs and collections systems, facilitating “agentless” collections; consumers can use this tool to make online payments, arrange promises to pay, update contact information or request information.

With CGI Connect, organizations benefit from a comprehensive and innovative solution that, through advanced analytics, optimizes channel allocation based on customer stated preferences, observed past behavior, cost considerations and customer value. The end result is an improved customer experience and bottom line.