CGI’s Changing Face of Payments is a roundtable series that brings together CGI payments experts from around the world to discuss various topics related to payments modernization.

In this first roundtable interview, Karen Brown (U.S.) moderates a panel of subject matter experts as they debate five myths surrounding ISO 20022 adoption. CGI banking experts Ainsley Ward (U.K.), Anushil Gupta (U.K.) and Robert Book (Sweden) represent the European perspective, while David Hooper (Canada), Mark Perkins (U.S.) and Andy Schmidt (U.S.) speak for the North American markets.

  • Myth 1: Taking a minimum viable product (MVP) approach to ISO 20022 adoption is feasible.
  • Myth 2: ISO Migration is a long journey.
  • Myth 3: Corporates aren’t really ready for ISO 20022.
  • Myth 4: ISO 20022 is just another message format.
  • Myth 5: ISO deadline dates are going to change.