The mission of most agencies is to provide services, not to recover outstanding debts. Yet, many do generate revenue and have obligation recovery responsibilities, such as for court and traffic fines, permit fees, child support payments, unemployment insurance, benefit over payments, penalties, tuition and more. Without a strong focus on recovering debts, most governments are recovering significantly less than they could. As a result, states and municipalities are losing millions of dollars each year.

  • Obligation recovery – industry-leading, web-enabled solutions for debt recovery and decision management 
  • Fraud prevention and audit – broad experience in helping government detect under-reporting, combat fraud and implement sophisticated, comprehensive audit solutions
  • Benefits funding – leadership in benefits-funded projects where CGI is paid a fixed price only after attributable benefits measured by increased revenues are realized
  • Consulting – professional advisory services performed by true experts to provide strategic vision and planning, operational assessments, business case development, business process renewal and change management.

  • We have helped to improve tax administration for 6 national agencies in North America, Europe and Australia.
  • Our government clients have certified more than $5 billion in incremental revenue that would not have been collected without our projects.
  • CGI-developed systems have supported the City of New York since 1987 with the efficient enforcement and collection of $14+ billion for violations issued related to parking, red traffic lights, bus lanes, speeding and transit (subway and bus) regulations.


CGI Advantage Collections supports all aspects of government receivables recovery. It combines beneficial managed services, business processes, consulting and a government-specific framework with leading-edge technology. Automatically assigning cases to the most cost-effective treatment stream allows our clients to recover more money, quicker, and at the lowest cost.

Benefits funding

A number of CGI clients have been able to eliminate upfront capital investments through our benefits-funding model. These fixed-price, performance-based IT modernization projects are funded from a percentage of increased revenues. Costs can be delayed and spread out over a period of years, avoiding negative impacts on general funds and department budgets. Instead of following a traditional approach to acquiring, installing and maintaining new IT capabilities, these agencies have used benefits-funding to transform their collections operations and certify more than $5 billion in additional revenues. 


Our team of subject matter experts offers professional advisory and consulting services providing strategic vision and planning, operational assessments, business case development, business process renewal and organizational change management.

Fraud prevention

CGI offers rules and filter-based systems to combat fraud as well as predictive modeling to increase the likelihood of early fraud identification. Commercial retailers can use a variety of ways to skim their cash receipts. CGI's audit compliance software, Sales Reporting Management, helps combat fraud by digitalizing the government auditing process and reducing audit time. CGI also has implemented auditing projects using data warehousing, predictive modeling and case management