Implementing new technology projects can be a high-risk endeavor. Agile methodology can mitigate much of the risk, enabling low-impact segments with the ability to roll back or alter course quickly. CGI Federal Agile experts Teri Musick and Heath Rasnake talked with host Pete Tseronis about how we can help federal agencies chose the best Agile frameworks and tools for their unique needs, and get things up and running. Our Agile Center of Excellence and our Agile Catalyst™ framework provide our expert consultants with the resources they need to guide agencies through every step of the process.

Episode chapters and timestamps

  • 3:42 Agile within agencies: The presence is growing
  • 7:35: The Federal Acquisition Regulation and flexibility for Agile
  • 10:14: Resolving conflicting guidance for Agile practices
  • 12:12: How CGI’s Agile Catalyst™ accelerates Agile in the federal government
  • 15:45: Building continuous growth and improvement into the process
  • 17:20: First steps for agencies
  • 20:51: A federal government success story
  • 25:07: Parting shots