As the Director of the CGI Federal Agile Center of Excellence and a Senior Organizational Agility Consultant, Heath Rasnake  is a leading authority in driving organizational transformation.
Heath began his IT career in 2004 and has worked in the federal government space since 2010. He began leading Agile teams in 2012. His extensive track record includes pivotal support for numerous Agile projects within key government agencies. His commitment to fostering Agile practices is further demonstrated through his facilitation of internal trainings and workshops aimed at promoting a culture of agility across the entire organization.

In his role as an Agile transformation specialist, Heath has honed his expertise in providing comprehensive guidance and hands-on coaching at all levels of an organization. From portfolio and leadership levels to functional teams, he excels in offering insights into organization and team formation, training, meaningful metrics, DevSecOps implementation, agile architectural design, system design, planning, and delivery ensuring a holistic approach to project success.

Heath seamlessly combines theoretical knowledge with tangible real-world examples, providing a unique and invaluable perspective that drives positive and sustainable change within organizations.
He is a SAFe 6.0 Certified Program Consultant (SPC), a SAFe 6.0 Certified Release Train Engineer (RTE), a SAFe 6.0 Certified Scrum Master (SSM), a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and holds an additional certification in Kanban System Design.