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The benefits of energy and utilities organizations built for the future

Organizations can accelerate their digital customer and agent experience with a platform delivering a single view of the customer from multiple systems. Our prebuilt productized processes bring the solution to life quickly, combined with deep CGI energy and utilities industry and Salesforce platform expertise. With the Salesforce Energy and Utilities Cloud, you can improve account management and increase operational efficiency with enhanced response times for sales and customer requests.

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CGI utilities expertise plus the agility of the Salesforce Industries platform

CGI’s unique position of delivering solutions and services for the utilities industry, paired with our extensive Salesforce implementation expertise, means our experts can deliver a fully-integrated solution quickly. With the clarity and flexibility of the Salesforce Industries platform, our accelerator solution offers a simple user interface and streamlined integration experience for quick results. Our Salesforce accelerator focuses on:

Customer 360-degree view

Experience centralized customer insights and processes using the Salesforce Customer 360 cloud console. Empower employees with the power of customer analytics and predictive insights. Support your customers with personalized self-service experiences that include intuitive and guided journeys.

Fast and easy access to information

Integrate with customer information systems leveraging prebuilt integration connectors for common industry systems.

Library of guided business processes

Our experts offer configuration of key processes from the energy and utilities process library. Processes cover billing, enrollment, start and stop service, outage management, account updates and more. Guided processes can be implemented in the Salesforce Customer 360 cloud console or in a self-service customer community.
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Discover how CGI's Salesforce Energy and Utilities Cloud Accelerator can help future-proof your organization?

Our Salesforce Energy and Utilities Cloud accelerator helps your organization work efficiently. Connect with our team to learn how your utilities organization can accelerate its digital customer and agent experience.

CGI's global Salesforce expertise

A Salesforce partner since 2010, we implement Salesforce customer engagement solutions using a unique client relationship approach backed by CGI’s global insights and local proximity.

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