• Digital solution strategy: Developing digital solutions that provide simple, intuitive interfaces and embrace the intersection of digital and data. Read more below.

  • Omni-channel experience: Helping clients engage holistically with customers and citizens and using digital channels to deliver seamless, intuitive experiences

  • User-centered design: Applying UX design and analytics to inform ongoing design to deliver apps and digital interfaces that people genuinely want to use 

  • Continuous improvement: Developing insight-led processes, supported by measurement and analysis, to manage and continually improve customer and citizen engagement 

  • Agile & DevOps: Streamlining inefficient, disconnected processes and enable workforces to operate in highly digitalized environments to improve responsiveness. 

  • Data management & analytics: Integrating data insights from mobile, social and geo-location with other datasets to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.


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Digital solutions must provide simple, intuitive interfaces and embrace the intersection of digital and data, where an organization’s rich data assets and deep analytical capabilities enrich every part of the UX, from strategy to implementation and ongoing support.  


CGI understands the importance of a digital solution strategy. We first consider our clients’ real users and key stakeholders to understand the current state and what a future solution could accomplish. We set the vision and create a strategy that is relevant and realistic, focusing on the end goal and future state. These rapid projects often are created in 4-6 weeks and provide measurable objectives and precise next steps.


We also implement digital solutions to deliver the right value and timing. Our engagements often include solution development, enablement and agile development. 

Ongoing support

The day a digital solution launches is only the beginning; it should evolve continuously to become even more valuable in the long-term. CGI’s digital solution support services help clients create lasting value through enhancements, agile implementation pods, cloud services and infrastructure solutions

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