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Jimmy Schatte

Bridging the gap between IT and business with an agile approach

2024-05-29 For health and human services (HHS) agencies, the old way of implementing new technology and programs just isn't cutting it. Technology constraints and rigid legacy systems have hamstrung the business experts who understand the policies, regulations, and frontline realities for...

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Bill Engle

Strategic partnerships and automation: A powerful combination for business growth

2024-03-27 Business process automation is a strategic initiative for many organizations to realize cost savings and scale a business. From automating mundane, repetitive tasks to more complex processes, automation efficiently reduces overall costs. This allows organizations to reallocate their time to...

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Rekha Terway

Navigating change: Why managed services make sense for insurance carriers

2024-02-27 Insurers of all sizes looking to optimize spending or grow rapidly, managed services emerge as an appealing option to drive transformation. Learn more.

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Amar Aswatha

Do you have a clear vendor consolidation strategy?

2024-02-07 There are significant benefits to be gained through successful contractor consolidation. CGI’s approach provides the flexibility to calibrate the composition of your teams based on business objectives–scaling between the proximity of onshore teams and the cost-benefit of nearshore and offshore...

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Jimmy Schatte

The secret to delivering the best citizen services and advancing your mission

2024-02-06 State and local governments face a perplexing challenge. Year after year, they are asked to deliver more value and better services to citizens; however, change is slow, and recruiting skilled talent can be an uphill battle.

Ralf Schlenker
Ralf Schlenker

Managing today’s hybrid IT environments through an effective MSI/SIAM framework

2015-12-14 Governments increasingly are adopting cloud services and transitioning to multi-provider IT delivery models to improve service levels, access specialized technologies and reduce costs.