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Jodi Gornick

Driving innovation and efficiency with aligned tooling strategies

June 6, 2024 When embarking on a DevOps journey or merely aligning your SDLC (software development life cycle), evaluating how your tools fit into that journey becomes essential. There are many platforms to support DevOps in enabling best practices and visibility and a...

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Ken Zinda

Seven elements of successful teams: Implementing fundamental team management principles

May 29, 2024 As a turnaround specialist, I am often thrust into an Agile Release Train (ART) with little or no background on the teams themselves. This leaves me with a deficit in understanding the underlying issues and what needs to be prioritized...

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Kevin Cool

Engineering enablement and the transformative power of Automated Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD)

March 11, 2024 In the evolving software and product development landscape, one method is emerging as a game-changer — Automated Acceptance Test Driven Development. This approach revolutionizes the traditional development process and addresses key challenges, enabling teams to confidently set and achieve goals...

CGI today announced it has been awarded a contract by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to deliver a financial management solution through CGI Advantage®, a cloud-based platform that integrates financial data in a modern, unified platform.

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TaJuana Antwine

Creating an agile culture

June 26, 2023 When we think of agile transformation, we typically think of creating functional roles and teams. Still, we often overlook the critical role of change management in creating an agile culture as part of the transformation. Agile transformations are much less...

As CMU’s strategic technology partner, CGI provided business consulting as the team converted to an agile approach to operations, delivering expertise in agile, scrum, Kanban, and retro implementation to CMU. The group performed enterprise-level assessments of the current and desired...

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Prerequisites for effective agile platform implementations and systems integrations

April 29, 2022 The question is only how far can you go with an agile approach? The answer will depend on some fundamental prerequisites. If these prerequisites are not dealt with upfront, the constraints on your agile delivery will be significant.