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Philip van Sickel
Philip van Sickel

Prerequisites for effective agile platform implementations and systems integrations

April 29, 2022 The question is only how far can you go with an agile approach? The answer will depend on some fundamental prerequisites. If these prerequisites are not dealt with upfront, the constraints on your agile delivery will be significant.

CGI OpenGrid360 storm management capabilities support the full life cycle of a storm event from anticipating and securing resources to mobilization and restoration, through release and demobilization.

Steven Lacroix
Steven Lacroix

Key considerations for achieving business agility within your Value Management Office

December 16, 2021 I recently read a blog by a colleague called Meet the new PMO. In it, he talks about the different types of Program or Project Management Offices (PMOs) that have emerged from the agile movement we've seen over the last...

Kevin Cool professional photo
Kevin Cool

Who’s the boss? Management must understand real Scrum in order to lead organizational change

November 15, 2021 Whether characterized on tv or in our own experiences in the workplace, more often than not, we’ve all seen the depiction of the quintessential boss…stoic, demanding, measuring…resulting in the tattered employee…taking orders from the top down with little to no...

Frederick Victor head shot
Frederick Victor

Business agility - why bother?

October 18, 2021 So many things have been written and said about Lean and Agile practices in the last 20 years that the mere mention of business agility will make the eyes of most enthusiastic supporters glaze over. Are we past the point...

Ivan Beraha
Ivan Beraha

Waiting for Digital Transformation in the Public Sector

September 1, 2021 Watching the famous Becket’s play Waiting for Godot is painful, not in the craftsmanship of the prose or theatrical merits, but in the knowledge, that Didi and Gogo (the main characters) are on their own, and the fictional Godot will...

Connect for Health Colorado transformed into an agile multi-value stream organization with a cost-efficient cloud-native technology platform to serve customers in a dynamic market. In 2017, Connect for Health Colorado saw an opportunity to give its customers greater control over...